Systems Showcase

2 Channel and HT Systems

A combination of Home Theatre System and 2 - 2 Channel Systems. Sytem one has Denon 3910 and Wadia 170i/Apple Ipod/DACmagic as souces. The preamp is Bel Canto Pre1 playing through Kappa 9 speakers driven by a pair of Adcom GFA 565 momoblocs. System 2 has Marantz DV 8400, Denon DP 60L and Polk Audio XM Tuner as sources. The preamp is Coda 04r playing through Pioneer HPM 200 speakers driven by Sunfire Load Invariant amplifier. My HT System is comprised of B&K EX442 Sonata Amp, Denon AVR-4306 Receiver, , Klipsch RF 63s Front, ADS 710 Center, ADS 980 Surround, Pioneer BDP-120 Blue Ray Player, and Hitachi 42" Plasma TV.


  • Sunfire Load Invariant Amlpifier
  • Adcom GFA 565 Monoblocs
  • B&K EX442 Sonata(Surround)

CD Players


  • Cambridge Audio DACMAGIC


  • Denon DVD 3910
  • Marantz DV 8400


  • Bel Canto Pre1
  • Coda 04r Line Control Buffer


  • Infinity Kappa 9
  • Pioneer HPM 200
  • Klipsch RF 63 (Front R and L)
  • ADS 710 (Center)
  • ADS 980 (Rear L and R)


  • Wadia 170i


  • Denon DP-60L