Systems Showcase

Polk RM95 5-Pack and PSW125Sub

Having received the RM95 5-Pack and PSW125, I did not know how I would place them in the 16x26 foot room. I did not want to place the speakers on the walls with the "L" brackets provided as this would be to permanent an installation. I also did not want to spend a lot of money. I spent under 90.00 dollars for all 4 stands and other parts I had on hand. I placed the speaker wires inside the stands. I like the looks of the setup and my wife does too. The old front Panasonic speakers are not connected. We also like the Polk sound.

CD player

  • Kenwood Disc Player DP-M6010

DVD player

  • APEX AD-800


  • JVC - RX-5060B ; replaced a Kenwood KR-V 8010


  • Polk RM95 5-pack
  • Polk PSW125 sub


  • GE monitor TV- 27GT610 560 lines of video

Tape Deck

  • Kenwood cassette deck KX-3510


  • Philips 4 Head Hi - Fi VRB664AT VCR PLUSx