Systems Showcase

LSi setup

I currently am running full Polk LSi setup. The LSi's are driven by a Carver AV-705x 5 channel amplifier. Shortly I will be running the LSi 15's off a Carver M1.0t instead of the AV-705x. My interconnects going from the Integra to my Carver are currently all MIT EXp1 Interconnects. In addition the Laserdisc player also uses MIT EXp1 interconnects and a S-Video connection. My front 3 speakers use MIT EXp2 speaker cable and custom jumpers made from 12 inch sections Audioquest FLX 14/4 terminated in GLS Locking Banana's. The rear speakers use 14 gauge Monoprice wire and the stock brass jumper.

Home Theater

  • Integra DTR 5.9
  • Carver AV-705x
  • Xbox 360
  • Samsung BP-1600
  • Uverse Equipment
  • LSi 15's w/ db840 8" driver
  • LSiC
  • LSi F/x
  • APC H15