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My 7.1 Polk Monitor System on a shoestring budget! **Update**

I have had countless surround systems through the years and I must say this one is the best I put together especially considering the price I paid for it. Everything was bought mostly new at a savings of 40-70% off list price! I pride myself for not paying retail price for any of my "toys". My 7.1 channel HD surround system is comprised of a 110 watt per channel Denon AVR-988 receiver, Polk Monitor 70's for the fronts, Monitor CS1 center, Monitor 40 side surrounds, and Monitor 30 for the back surrounds. The lone item I did not buy new was a pawn shop find: an Athena ASP-400 10 inch powered subwoofer with a 100 watt (400 peak) mosfet amp rated flat to 23Hz I stole for $50! I have a 42" Panasonic plasma, a Sony BDP-350S Blu-ray, and my highly upgraded Acer Aspire HTPC (Athlon x2 4200, 3GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS 320MB video card, Creative Exteme Audio sound card) controlled by Gryation "air" mouse, 2.4GHz wireless keyboard, Gryation HTPC remote, and a Harmony 550 for everything else. The sound is incredible and this is my first Polk speaker set and will never use any other brand of speakers again! Sorry for the fuzzy pics, taken with my camera phone. Additional decor on the sub and make-shift TV stand courtesy of the wife (gotta compromise you know). Update: finally got an audio tower for main system along with a Monster Reference power center and real speaker stand for the Monitor 40s. Also put together an old school bedroom system featuring a pair of Polk Monitor 10A with the highly sought after Peerless tweeters I picked up for $69 at a local pawn shop.


  • Receiver: Denon AVR-988
  • Front speakers: Polk Monitor 70
  • Center: Polk CS1
  • Side surrounds: Polk Monitor 40
  • Back surrounds: Polk Monitor 30
  • Subwoofer: Athena ASP400
  • Power: Monster HTS1600

Home Theater PC

  • Acer Aspire E380


  • Panasonic TH-42PX75U Plasma
  • Sony BDP-350S Blu-ray player