Systems Showcase

My HT Man Cave

My man cave is a basement area that is finished and approx. 26' x 26', not including the wedge where the bar is. The room creates some very challenging accoustics. So I have recently built siw acoustic panels and installed them in srategic locations. This has helped tremendously. However, I still need more to fully tame this room. The only peice of equipment I still have from original set up is the PS3. Everything else has been upgraded/changed in the last year. The PS3 is also the only pieces of equipment I have paid full price for. Everything else is either Polk refurbs, Polk forum buy, demo/display models, Craigslist or Ebay. Saved lots of money with very few issues. Sound is awesome!!!

HT Rig

  • Sharp LC-80LE632U
  • Pioneer Elite SC-07
  • Fronts: Rti 12
  • Center: Csi A6
  • Surrounds: Mirage OMD-5 (2 pair)
  • Rear Surrounds: OWM3
  • Sub: SVS PB12/2+
  • Pioneer BDP-320
  • Sony Ps3
  • APC H-15
  • Direct TV HD reciever
  • Logitech Harmony 700
  • Power Cords by Pepster
  • Morrow Audio MA2 IC's