Systems Showcase

An amature HT work through the years...

A mixture of Sony & Polk Audio hardware. Started off as an all-Sony setup then recently moved towards a Polk Audio solution. The switch was a big audio improvement. I was missing out so much through all these past years! It's an expensive hobby even though it's not as good as some of the postings I've seen. Then again I don't have a budget similar to them (Or else I would be at least using Monster Cables from top to bottom). I think I did a decent job on my Home Theater setup on the budget I have. Notes: - Looney Tunes & Transformers figures to add character to the setup. Replaced the Spawn figures with 1:24 scale diecast cars. - Pictures taken with a Sony DSC-H9 digital camera Not pictured: - My new Mac Mini Server with remote as a Home Theater PC connected via HDMI & optic cable. - Apple wireless keyboard & Magic Trackpad - Monster HTS-2000 surge suppressor - Radioshack-brand 14-gauge Mega-Cable speaker wires & Gold-Series A/V cables. It took many, many purchase and return trips to get it right. - HDMI King Imperial cables - MediaBridge Premium Toslink cables - Cable management work to hide the cable clutter (rev.2). - A Sanyo minifridge Future projects (Wishful thinking on a tight budget): - Sony STR-DA6400ES 7.1 receiver (Thinking way, way, way down the future...) - Unified remote control solution (hopefully with a future Apple iPad with an IR port) - Use Monster Cable-It conduits for better cable management solution. - Decommission the DVD/VCR combo player & CD Mega-changer. Mostly kept for aesthetic reasons and for the stubborn people at home.

CD Player

  • Sony CDP-CX300

Cable DVR

  • Motorola DCH-3416

Cables used

  • HDMI King Imperial cables
  • Monster optical cable
  • MediaBridge Premium optical cable
  • Radioshack Mega-Cable Series 14-Gauge Speaker wires
  • Radioshack Gold-Series A/V cables (Component & Composite)
  • Radioshack Gold-Series VGA cable

Computer hardware

  • D-Link gigabit switch DGS-2208
  • Netgear WAP
  • Mac Mini Server
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard
  • Apple Magic Trackpad

DVD Player

  • DVP-CX875P (Decommissioned)
  • SLV-D370P


  • Black-out curtains
  • Black leather sofa x 2
  • Sanyo mini-fridge

FM/AM Antenna

  • Sony AN-10


  • BDI Icon 9429 TV Stand
  • Sony Audio Stand SU-N6200
  • Sanus Rear speaker stands

Game Console

  • Sony Playstation 3 80GB - CECHE01
  • Microsoft XBox 360 Premium

Power protection

  • Monster Home Theater PowerCenter HTS-2000 MKII


  • Sony STR-DE945


  • Polk Audio RTi-12 (front channel x 2)
  • Polk Audio CSi5 (center channel)
  • Polk Audio PSW-505 (front-firing powered subwoofer)
  • Polk Audio RTi-A6 (surround-sound channel x 2)
  • Sony SA-WM40 (front-firing subwoofer)
  • Sony SS-MB300H (rear channel x 2) - Decommissioned


  • Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR3