Listen. Vote. Win.(Video Contest Details)


We want the hard working bands and individual artists to put together their version of Listen to the Music. Our goal is to have 100,000 entries!

Bands are encouraged to be extreme and pick a genre to cover the song in. Some of the ideas we came up with (and we're sure you'll think of more) are, Dubstep, Reggae, HipHop, Dj Remix, Auto-Tune or straight up acoustic.

To get started, shoot a YouTube video of your cover and enter it in to our entry form. To kick off the contest, Walk off the Earth is going to cover the tune for us in their unique way. So grab your axe and your video camera (or your smartphone) and hit record on your version of Listen to the Music!

Never heard the song? Here are the lyrics and the chords to the Doobie Brothers classic. If You Need Inspiration:

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Camden Square

It's a compact, totally portable high performance wireless entertainment hub that delivers superior sound in any surrounding. Plus, Camden Square has its own app! Download the free DJ Stream app and make your playlists interactive. Up to four connected friends can select tunes from their own music libraries, and take turns adding them to the Camden Square playlist.

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It's about your favorite materials, leather and metal, combined in a new way, by designers and engineers who share your desire for the singular in form and performance. Looks refreshingly low key, sounds incredibly high performance. Now, fold up the Hinge and take it with you.

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Nue Era

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