Polk profile: Tim Meeks and the Harpejji

There are a lot of skilled musicians in the halls of the Polk headquarters. It's something that separates Polk from other audio companies. We know good sound.

But veteran Polk Engineer Tim Meeks might have outdone them all. He's the inventor of a completely new instrument. And not just any instrument. This incredible innovation is making waves on the Billboard charts and in Hollywood soundtracks. It's called the Harpejji. It's a new take on a fretted string instrument.

You've heard a harpejji on recordings by Coldplay and Dream Theater. You've heard it in the Oscar-nominated movie soundtracks of A.R.Rahman ("Slumdog Millionaire," "127 Hours").

"The harpejji is a new interface, if you will, for making music," Meeks says. "It's an alternative to the instruments that have dominated popular music for decades - the piano and guitar."

This is the kind of innovation you'll find at Polk. Imagine what it means for the Polk loudspeakers in your living room!

Check out the harpejji channel on youtube, and watch the video below to learn more about Tim and the amazing Harpejji!