Guidelines for submitting content

These Guidelines may be updated from time to time, at our sole discretion. The Guidelines represent parameters of acceptable and unacceptable content. The Guidelines should be reviewed prior to any submission of content.


  1. For the love of music: The purpose of this site ("Site") is to indulge and commemorate what music has brought to our lives. Your submissions (name, photographs, likeness, biography and comments) are welcome if you want to be involved in the celebration. Please take notice, this is a public forum and you are legally responsible for any content that you submit.
  2. No advertising, solicitation or investigation: The Site may not be used by you for chain messaging, schemes, sponsorship, or for any commercial purpose, including promotion of your products or services, without our express, written consent.
  3. Notification: If you discover inappropriate content on the Site, please help us by reporting it to us. We have high standards and we want to maintain the integrity of the Site. If you discover content that does not comply with the Guidelines, please contact us immediately.
  4. Comments and profiles: Your comments should be relevant to the Site, therefore, please feel free to share about your love of music and how it has added value to your life. Please do not include irrelevant information, and please be courteous to others. Crude language is not acceptable. Your opinion can be expressed, however extremism will not be tolerated. Do not insult other contributions or the lack thereof.
  5. No abuse or libel: The following comments are not acceptable and are strictly prohibited:
    1. Offensive, sexist, racist or discriminatory
    2. insulting, threatening or abusive
    3. Defamatory, false or misleading
    4. Obscene or of a sexual nature
  6. Proper disclosure and confidentiality/privacy: Do not pretend to be someone else (i.e. another user or member). Do not pretend to be disconnected from another individual or matter if you, in fact, are connected. Please respect the privacy of others. Do not submit confidential or proprietary information. For example, do not upload addresses, telephone numbers or other contact details of any person, or discuss private issues. Once information is posted on the web, it becomes public. Think before you post.
  7. No linking or copyright infringement: Do not insert links to websites (URLs) or provide content that is an infringement of someone's intellectual property rights.
  8. Submissions: To submit a photograph to us, you must comply with the Guidelines referenced herein, and you must satisfy the requirements on the "Submit your photograph" page. We reserve the right to select photographs for inclusion on the Site, at our sole and absolute discretion. Please do not be disappointed or email us if your photograph is not selected.
  9. Copyright Notice: If you wish to submit a photograph to us, the following criteria must be met:
    1. You must have taken the picture yourself and own all copyright in and to the photograph. Do not send us photographs copied from somewhere else.
    2. The person in the photograph must provide their written consent. If the person in the photograph does not agree to have their picture taken or provided to us, do not submit it. The person in the photograph can be forwarded the following link:, along with a copy of these Guidelines. It should also be made clear that the public may comment on the photographs and share their opinions.
    3. Please provide quality photographs.
    4. Please note: Photographs may be edited to blur or crop people or brands.
    5. A profile photograph must be a picture of you and you must own the copyright to the photograph.
  10. Removal of Content: Submissions or content that violate the spirit of the Guidelines may be removed at our discretion. If a comment or thread violates the Guidelines or is the subject of an abuse report, the entire thread may be removed. If you are aware that content has been removed, you must not deliberately submit the same content again.
  11. Suspension and/or termination: We reserve the right to suspend or ban any account at our sole and absolute discretion. Suspension and/or termination may result due to the following: breaching or violating the Guidelines or terms referenced herein, conduct or comments that are abusive or that require a disproportionate amount of time to address due to violations of the terms referenced herein. Suspensions or bans are generally the result of egregious behavior. If you are suspended or banned, do not re-register or attempt to re-register or submit content.


Thank you for visiting Polk's Site and telling us about your love of music. By using this Site, you hereby agree to accept the terms and conditions stated herein. The terms and conditions may be changed from time to time, and they should be reviewed each time you visit the Site.

  1. This Site is owned and operated by Polk Audio, Inc. You can contact us at the following email address: .
  2. You may view the content available on this Site for personal, non-commercial purposes and/or use. Unless otherwise stated herein, you may not, directly or indirectly, copy, download, store, distribute, sell or offer to sell or make available any part or all of the content or Site, or download or otherwise copy any content, files or date from the Site.
  3. Registration: To register you must comply with the following:
    1. You must be 18 years or older to register and submit material and/or comments to the Site.
    2. Only one registration per person is allowed.
    3. Provide a current email address. Keep your password confidential.

    Notice: Do NOT impersonate any other person or disclose your password to anyone else. You are responsible for all activity on your account. If you believe someone has access to your account, please notify us immediately.

  4. Consent: For content or photographs that you provide, you agree that we may, at our sole discretion, publish, review, remove and/or edit the photographs and/or content ("Your Content"). By submitting materials to us, you grant to us a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, edit, copy, publish, adapt, make derivatives from, make available, distribute and communicate your content (in whole or in part) and to incorporate it into other works in any form, media or technology (either now known or later developed). By submitting Your Content you warrant that you have the right to grant this license. The license is capable of being sub-licensed by others to other entities in our company.
  5. To the extent permissible by law, you agree to waive your moral rights (e.g. the right to be identified as an author or to object to derogatory treatment) in Your Content.
  6. By agreeing to the foregoing, you understand and agree that we may, without limitation, do the following with Your Content:
    1. Continue to publish all of Your Content, including, photographs, names, comments, even if you change your mind or are no longer registered on our Site.
    2. Remove Your Content, even if you have not breached any terms or conditions.
    3. Use all or part of Your Content in promoting our products and services.
    4. Modify or edit all or part of Your Content.

      Please take notice, we do not check, monitor or see all of the user generated content and other material submitted to us before it appears on the Site.

  7. You must not submit us any materials that are defamatory, harassing, malicious, threatening, false, misleading, abusive, discriminatory, blasphemous, racist, indecent obscene, sexual in nature, or that is a breach of confidentiality or a person's privacy.
  8. You must not submit any materials to the Site that are likely to infringe intellectual property rights of another (i.e. you must own the content you submit). You must not submit any materials to the Site that cause someone anxiety or stress, or that encourage violence or hatred. You must not submit materials to the Site that are unlawful or technically harmful (i.e. computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms), or that violate our terms and conditions, privacy policy, and/or Guidelines.
  9. You must not include links on our Site to any other websites or webpages.
  10. We may suspend, terminate, or prevent your registration on our Site for any reason and in our sole discretion.
  11. We are not liable or responsible for third party content or links on this Site. Third party content includes, but is not limited to, photographs, comments, or profiles posted by users.
  12. People and non-Polk products may appear or be referred to on the Site. This does not imply that any individual or company is connected to us.
  13. Personal Information—we will use your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy, which is incorporated by reference and forms part of these terms and conditions. Please read our privacy policy and be familiar with its content.
  14. No liability—the information on this Site does not constitute advice. We are not liable for any action you may take as a result of relying on information provided on this Site, or for any loss or damage suffered as a result of you taking this action. We are also not liable for any dealings that you may have with third parties that take place using or facilitated by the Site. We are also not liable for any losses that are not foreseeable.
  15. We cannot guarantee that the Site will be error free, free from viruses, or available at all times. From time to time, we may general diagnostics and maintenance to update software and fix bugs.
  16. If any part of the terms and conditions referenced herein are unlawful or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of any other part or provision.
  17. These terms and conditions are governed by California law. The courts in San Diego County, California shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claims or dispute in connection with these terms and conditions.


By using Polk Audio's Love Music Site ("Site"), you accept this Privacy Policy. We may, at our sole discretion, change this Privacy Policy from time to time, so you should review it each time you visit the Site.

Your consent to this Privacy Policy.

By visiting any part of the Site, you accept this Privacy Policy. Please read this Privacy Policy to understand how Polk Audio collects, uses, and disseminates information. Use of the Site following any changes constitutes your acceptance of the revised privacy policy then in effect. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Site.

What Personal Information About You Does Polk Audio Collect?

Users may only access the Site through Facebook. Users may view videos and photographs on the Site without logging in, but you cannot upload your own video or photograph without logging in and creating an account. We will request and collect your name, Facebook member identification and e-mail address. Your User Name will be visible on the Site. If you provide photographs of others, you must obtain their written consent as provided in the Guidelines before you submit photographs of them on this Site. By logging into Facebook, we collect your name, member identification and e-mail address. If you upload a photograph, your name and a comment field will be displayed when you click on the photograph. Please note, the photographs and comments you submit will remain on the Site indefinitely, even if you decide to stop being a user. Listed below we provide examples of the types of information we gather.

Public Forum/ Information You Give Us:

Any information disclosed in your profile or in comments and photographs you submit becomes public information and you should always be careful in deciding whether to disclose personal information. We receive and store any information you enter on the Site or give us in any other way. This information may include demographic information and contact information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses. You may choose not to provide certain information, however if you withhold requested information, we may not be able to provide you with certain features. . Share. If you submit another person's details or information to us for the purpose of sharing information or content with them, you should make sure that they consent to having you send their details and/or information and to us receiving them. We will only use information submitted in this way for the purpose of the share facility.

How is Collected Information Used?

By using this Site, you agree that we may use your information (including personal information) for the purposes described below, and for other similar purposes that may not be itemized below.

We may also use the information that you provide for such purposes as responding to your requests, improving our stores, communicating with you, or for any other purpose disclosed. We may also disclose the information you provide to our subsidiaries and/or affiliates.


We may use your personal information to send you newsletters, provide you information that you may find useful, including information about Polk's products. You can ask us not to contact you with information regarding our products at the following location: or 800 377-7655.

How You Can Contact Us?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy Statement, please contact us at or 800 377-7655.