PB LC80i

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Works with Vanishing Series 80F/X-LS, 80F/X-RT
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PB LC80i Features:

  • Polk pre-construction brackets attach to your studs or joists before drywall is hung. They designate the exact location, and exact cut space, where your loudspeaker will installed. They give your electrician a wiring target, and your dry-waller a hole template.
  • Pre-construction brackets add that extra pinch of energy-harnessing, super-efficient rigidity that a built-in speaker needs. One more step toward keeping your built-in loudspeakers vibration-free, with added efficiency and less audio "print through" (when sound bleeds through walls into adjacent rooms).
  • They're the inexpensive alternative to our custom performance enclosures, and give you more flexibility for speaker placement. (And if you're using performance enclosures, you don't need pre-construction brackets.)

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