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Are you looking for a Performance Enclosure for your in-wall product?

The secret to ultra high performance from your built-in speakers.

The magic behind built-in loudspeakers. Imagine that your speakers disappear, but they still sound great. No more big boxes next to your TV or scattered around your room. No more wires to try to hide in fake trim or under carpet. No more wires to trip over! This is the big benefit of built-in, in-wall, or in-ceiling loudspeakers. They take up no room space, but (if they are Polk Audio LCi Series built-ins) they deliver the high performance sound you crave. What makes Polk’s built-in speakers different? 

First, they’re specially engineered to be built-in. They’re not just speaker components with the box taken away. We design and engineer our built-in speakers from the chassis up to perform in your walls or ceilings just like traditional loudspeakers would perform. Second, we’ve developed an array of specialized technologies that give you even more control over the sound design of your space. You can read about the LCi custom audio controls here. 

But we didn’t stop there. We actually go the extra step to give you the opportunity to turn your wall space into a premium optimized speaker enclosure to boost your built-in performance even more. This is where we talk about Polk Audio’s custom built LCi Performance Enclosures.

Adding custom built Performance Enclosures to your built-in speaker project is an incredibly simple way to turn your in-wall space into a properly tuned speaker cabinet, resulting in ultra high performance from your built-ins. Performance Enclosures are specially engineered boxes that fit snuggly between your wall studs, blocking the area behind your speaker installation within the wall space to create... an enclosure! Using a custom engineered enclosure within your wall behind your built-in loudspeaker guarantees you a more consistently dynamic, full-spectrum sound. Enclosing the space behind the speaker results in better low frequency extension, and reduces print through (sound escaping through your walls). 

Professional audio wall treatments

Polk Audio Performance Enclosures are state of the art, constructed of high grade MDF and superior acoustic fill material. How easy are they to install? They come in sizes that fit securely between your wall and ceiling studs. Adjustable brackets make installation even easier, and keep the enclosure secure. Vibration damping foam pads ensure rattle free performance, so you don’t lose any energy to vibration or resonance. Performance Enclosures can be easily installed in pre-drywall construction, if you’ve planned that far ahead. Your contractor or professional audio installer can retrofit Performance Enclosures in your walls or ceilings with a minimum of fuss (and a maximum of audio performance payback). Either way, having Performance Enclosures is like having a professional audio engineer come to your house and customize your wall space for your audio! 

Polk Audio’s custom built LCi Performance Enclosures give your LCi in-wall loudspeakers the performance edge, with a completely invisible perfect volume speaker cabinet hidden in your wall!

  • No Polk Audio built-in speaker models need Performance Enclosures to perform at their peak. Performance Enclosures are sort of like the icing on the cake of invisible speakers. They virtually guarantee performance that is as close to traditional speaker performance as you can get without the big speaker box in your room. But even without them, Polk Audio built-in loudspeakers will perform better than you could imagine!
  • TCi, SC and certain RCi models may also be used with Performance Enclosures for sound isolation purposes.
  • Have your contractor or installer order LCi Performance Enclosures by contacting Polk Audio’s sales department 800-377-7655, option 3.
  • When using performance enclosures, rough-in kits are not necessary.
  • RTS Series speakers have performance enclosures already built-in!

Performance Enclosure Applications

LC65iLC65F/XTC65i*, SC65*
Polk Part Number: AW0167-B
55-5/8" (H) x 14" (W) x 3-3/8" (D) (141.3cm x 35.6cm x 8.6cm) 

Polk Part Number: AW0267-B
55-5/8" (H) x 14" (W) x 3-3/8" (D) (141.3cm x 35.6cm x 8.6cm) 

LC80iLC80F/XLC80i-ipTC80i*, SC80*, RC80i*, SC80-IPR
Polk Part Number: AW0182-B
20-7/16" (H) x 13 (W) x 9" (D) (51.8 cm x 13cm x 22.9cm) 
Cut out diameter 9-3/8"

LC60iTC60i*, SC60*
Polk Part Number: AW0162-A
43-11/16" (H) x 14" (W) x 5-5/16" (D) (110.9cm x 35.6cm x 13.5cm)
Cut out diameter 8-1/16" 

This FAQ was last modified on September 02, 2014

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