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CSW Subs and SWA500 Amplifier FAQ

On the new in-floor, in-wall, and ceiling subs why are we not shipping the drivers separately? Is there reason for concern about theft and damage?

The CSW200 is shipped with a protective MDF cover over the woofer which is removed at the time the flooring or drywall is installed. If theft is a concern the woofer can be unscrewed and then re-installed easily. The CSW100 also comes with a protective cover over the 2x12-inch vent. The woofer is internal and less prone to theft problems. However, the cabinet has a removable back for field service and the driver can be removed and replaced as above.

Can you use a smaller grille with the SWA200? Does it affect the performance?

10x10-inch is fine, 8x14-inch is fine but any smaller will restrict air flow and the performance.

Will all models come with a basic grille?

The CSW200 does not come with a grille. There are too many size and design options available for the opening, which can be 10x10-inch, 12x12-inch, 8x14-inch and so on. Polk will offer a metal grate as an option that may be used where there is concern about foreign objects dropping thru a grille onto the woofer which would make noises during operation.

The CSW100 will come with a grille, because is a unique size and acoustically it has special needs due to the high velocity air flow.

Why not hard wire the subs to a speaker wire instead of using terminals?

Some dealers mentioned that if a wire connection becomes lose on a terminal they will not have access to fix the lead.

We use the same terminals as the LCi/TCi which are heavy duty gold plated spring clips. We have never had a report of wires coming loose on those products in the 2 years they have been available. This is also not possible for the CSW100 where the wires go thru an internal enclosure, which needs to be factory sealed.

This FAQ was last modified on August 20, 2014

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