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How do Polk’s subwoofer/satellite systems compare to other leading brands?

Polk’s Blackstone® TL and RM satellite systems use a separate tweeter and midrange in each satellite. The tweeter reproduces a clear and detailed high frequency range without sounding harsh. The midrange used in each satellite provides a rich, full sound much like a large floor standing speaker. Some brands use only a full range driver to reproduce mids and highs.

Polk RM systems use powered subwoofers which offer maximum performance and control. Some competitive products still come with passive (non-powered) subwoofers that pale in comparison.

The satellites in the palm of hand sized Polk Blackstone and RM Series satellites are made from a high tech polymer materials that are heavy and acoustically inert for better sound. Pick up a Polk satellite, feel its heft, feel its quality.  Then pick up the competition. Be careful not to let it float away!

The bottom line is that Polk subwoofer/satellite systems sound better than the competition. Compare them side by side and hear for yourself why Polk Blackstone and RM systems have won the Audio Video International Grand Prix award for best satellite/subwoofer system eight years in a row.

This FAQ was last modified on August 28, 2014

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