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What center speaker matches with my older Polk speakers?

While Polk speakers have evolved and improved over time, some basic signature Polk sound traits have remained constant. Clear, projected midrange, open, airy highs and wide sound staging are all hallmarks of the Polk sound, past and present. Therefore, Polk center channel speakers are the best match for older Polk main speakers.

The CSiA6 makes a great match for top of the line Polk speakers of the past such as the legendary SDA-SRS. It is a large full range center channel speaker that works superbly with larger Polk Monitors, S Series, and RTA models as well as all SDA loudspeakers. The CSiA4 matches well with mid sized mid sized Monitors (5jr., 5 & 7), S Series and the RTA 8. The CS1 is perfect for the smaller Monitor and S Series models.

Find your vintage Polk model on the chart below to see which center model is the right choice for you. If you can’t find your main speaker model on this page, or require help of any sort, contact Polk customer service.

Center Model

Matches With:

LSiC No vintage matches.
CSiA6 SDA-SRS, SDA-1, SDA-2 (all versions), SDA-CRS, RTA-15, RTA-12, RTA-11, Monitor 5, Monitor 5jr, Monitor 7, Monitor 10 and Monitor 12, LS90, LS70, LS50, RT20p, RT16, RT12, RT10, RT3000p, RT2000p, RT2000i, RT1000p, RT1000i, RT800, RT800i, RT600, RT600i, RT55, RT55i, RT35, RT35i, AB855, AB805, AB800, AB755, AB705, AB700
CSiA4 RTA-8T, RT8, RT7, RT5, RT15, RT15i, RT25, RT25i, Mini Monitor, "Monitor", Monitor 6 satellite, Monitor 4
CS2 R30 R40 R50, S8, S6, RT400, M5
CS1 S4, R1, R2, RT3, R20, R15, R10, M3, M3ii, M2, M1


This FAQ was last modified on August 27, 2014

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