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Why isn’t my amp turning on?

Maybe it’s something you said.

Check the electrical connections of your amplifier for any loose connections by using a Volt/Ohm meter. The DC input voltage for both the main power feed from the battery and the remote turn on terminal on the amplifier should measure 12 Volts to 14.4 Volts DC. If the input and remote trigger voltage drops below 10 Volts most amplifiers will not turn on.

Check for blown fuses on the amplifier. If the fuses are blown there could be a reason that they have failed. Make sure to replace the fuses with the same amperage rating. Never install a higher amperage fuse back into the amplifier. This may damage to your amplifier. The amplifier may have been overdriven, or there could be a shorted or pinched speaker wire. If the fuses continue to blow, you may need to have your dealer send the amplifier back to the manufacturer for service.

Make sure that you have not accidentally connected the remote turn on leads to the power antenna wire on the back of your head unit. Some head units have a separate power antenna and amplifier remote turn on leads. The amplifier will turn on when listening to the radio, but it will not turn on when listening to a CD or any other external source.

This FAQ was last modified on August 28, 2014

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