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Why isn’t my subwoofer loud enough?

There can be a couple of reasons for a reduced subwoofer volume level for your subwoofer.

Check the phase or polarity of the wires connecting the subwoofer. To obtain better performance it maybe necessary to invert or reverse the speaker wire connections at the subwoofer or amplifier.

You may have to install a passive crossover to block lower bass on both the front and rear speakers to eliminate cancelation. This occurs when the front and rear speaker are reproducing the same lower bass information that the subwoofer is producing. In some case inverting the phase on the front and rear speakers will not correct this problem so it is necessary to install a crossover.

The installation location of the subwoofer can severely affect the lower bass performance capabilities of your sub. You may have to experiment with different locations to obtain the best possible bass performance. Every vehicle’s transfer function (frequency where the vehicle’s interior volume begins adding to the total bass output) is different so this will be an exercise in trial an error.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the proper type of enclosure (sealed, ported or bandpass) and internal box volume. If you are using a ported or bandpass enclosure, make sure that the ports are cut to the exact length and are the correct diameter. An improperly tuned enclosure can sound pretty bad.

This FAQ was last modified on July 31, 2014

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