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Will the loudspeakers I use for my new home theater system sound good when listening to music?

If you have Polk, absolutely! Polk loudspeakers are designed first and foremost to be natural and accurate when reproducing all kinds of material. The materials and technologies used in Polk loudspeakers allow them to faithfully reproduce only the sounds or tones that they are asked to reproduce. They faithfully and accurately reproduce the original recordings. Polk loudspeakers are truly able to meet the demands of home theater as well as music.

There are speakers on the market which are billed as designed for home theater which are brassy, boomy and shouty, designed more for quantity of sound than quality. Listen to a wide variety of music, as well as movies, before you buy any speaker. If a speaker doesn’t sound good on all kinds of program material, it isn't a good buy.

This FAQ was last modified on August 26, 2014

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