Subwoofer Box Plans

db104 1.65 Single Bandpass

db104 / db104DVC 1.65 Cu. Ft. Single Bandpass

Sub Box Details

Designed for the: db104
Construction Notes: Use 3/4 inch or 19 mm MDF for box biulding material

Box Type Shape Volume Height Width Depth Depth Bottom Depth Top
Single Bandpass 1.6500 cu. ft. 17.0000" 18.3125" 14.0000"

Box Chamber Specs

Chamber 1

Frequency Type Lower Frequency
VB 0.8000 cu. ft.
FB 53.1400 Hz
QL 7.0000
F3 39.6000 Hz
Fill Minimal Polyfill

Chamber 2

FrequencyType Upper Frequency
VB 0.8500 cu. ft.
FB 55.4000 Hz
QL 7.0000
F3 78.3700 Hz
Fill Minimal Polyfill
Number of Vents 1
Vent Shape Round
Vent DV 4"
Vent LV 9"

This Subwoofer Box Plan was last modified on Jul 20, 2012

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