Subwoofer Box Plans

GNX108 2.6 Dual Bandpass

Very Efficient, High Output With Lots of Kidney Punch. Great for Hip Hop and Bass CDs.

Sub Box Details

Designed for the: GNX108
Construction Notes: Sealed enclosure volume 1.14 cu. ft. (32.28L) [one common sealed chamber for both drivers]. Two vented enclosures each one .74 cu. ft. (20.95L). Four ports total each port length = 8 in. (20.32cm), diameter = 3 in. (7.62cm).

Box Type Shape Volume Height Width Depth Depth Bottom Depth Top
Dual Bandpass Rectangular 2.6000 cu. ft. 12.0000" 30.0000" 16.5000"

This Subwoofer Box Plan was last modified on Jul 20, 2012

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