Subwoofer Box Plans

MM124 Single Bandpass

MM124 Single Bandpass 2.1 cu. ft.

Sub Box Details

Designed for the: MM124
Construction Notes: Use 3/4 inch MDF for box building material

Box Type Shape Volume Height Width Depth Depth Bottom Depth Top
Single Bandpass Rectangular 2.1000 cu. ft. 15.0000" 21.6800" 17.0000"

Box Chamber Specs

Chamber 1

Frequency Type lower
VB 0.9000 cu. ft.
FB 56.2400 Hz
QL 6.9250
F3 41.2200 Hz
Fill Minimal Polyfill

Chamber 2

FrequencyType Upper
VB 1.2000 cu. ft.
FB 61.0400 Hz
QL 7.0000
F3 91.3100 Hz
Fill Minimal Polyfill
Number of Vents 2
Vent Shape Round
Vent DV 4"
Vent LV 11"

This Subwoofer Box Plan was last modified on Jul 20, 2012

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