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Bipole/Dipole Surround Sound Control

Don't change your seat, change your sound design instead, with technology that gives you more freedom.

Where you sit in your home theater is of the utmost importance. And the fact is your seating decisions often come before your loudspeaker placement decisions. Maybe you've already got your room set up, with your couch in front of your television, and now you're bringing in your home theater speaker array.

Of course you can build your system with a set of direct-firing loudspeakers, boxes on stands, with surrounds that are boxes hung on your wall to the sides or behind your listening position. Today, you can even use audiophile built-in loudspeakers all around (with Performance Enclosures in your walls for even more performance edge) so there are no boxes hung on your walls at all. Polk offers a third choice, with innovative technologies that give you even more control over your rear surround channel audio. This professional-grade audio control technology allows you to customize your surround sound according to your existing seating setup!

Sit Where You Want, F/X® Series will Provide

Look at our F/X Series of loudspeakers. Note their unique wedge shape, with speaker drivers firing in opposing directions. Once I explain what the F/X Series does, you'll see the genius of this strange shape. F/X Series speakers are purpose-built surround channel loudspeakers, meant specifically for delivering surround channel information in a discrete digital 5.1 (or higher) system. Their wedge shape and opposing driver system allows them to be placed in more flexible locations without compromising the realism of their surround sound stage. For added flexibility depending upon your seating requirements, the F/X Series also features bipole/dipole audio controls.

Diffusion or Discretion?

Dipole Diagram

Bipole/Dipole audio controls in the F/X Series allow you to control the firing of the speaker drivers, giving you the ability to tailor the surround environment to complement your seating locations.

Choose dipole when you want to create a more diffuse surround environment, in which you cannot easily pinpoint the surround information happening around you. For example, a rainstorm in 5.1 should happen all around you without alerting your ears to the specific locations of the rear speakers. Dipole, when engaged in relation to a seating position like the one shown in the first diagram here, does this very well; enveloping you in realistically indirect sound.

It does this by working the two opposing sets of drivers out of phase with each other; while the drivers on one side are pushing, the opposite side is pulling.

This article was last modified on Mar 26, 2013

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