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Yet Another Bass Enhancing Innovation for Superior Performance in a Compact Loudspeaker.

Sometimes, you want a workhorse of a loudspeaker. You want it to be a compact and versatile, go-anywhere and do-anything kind of speaker that is at home on your desk or in your home theater. And you never want to sacrifice performance. Golly, we have a lot in common

The OWM3 is just what you were thinking of. It’s ultra-compact, and super versatile (with no fewer than seven innovative mounting options!). Best of all, it sacrifices nothing for superior sound. You’ll be surprised by its spacious response and its low end extension. This is particularly noteworthy considering the slim design of the OWM3 enclosure. How did Polk engineers get such incredible bass response from such a compact speaker design? Magic, of course.

Magic, and Capacitive Coupling Technology! Capacitive Coupling Technology (CCT) works electronically by creating an impedance dip in the specific frequency range where conventional sealed box loudspeakers are subject to severely reduced bass output. The slightly lower impedance in this critical frequency range exploits your amplifier's tendency to deliver just a bit more current into that dip.

In this graph, the dotted line reflects the OWM3’s performance characteristics in the absence of capacitive coupling, while the solid green and magenta line indicates how CCT effectively improves low frequency extension by nearly one-quarter of an octave, yielding 3dB more acoustic output over the lowest octave of its passband.

This 3dB bass boost creates the impression of 30-40% more internal volume, and effortlessly delivers the low end extension of a much larger loudspeaker!

Another triumph for the magic audio engineers at Polk. And another triumph for you, gentle listener, in your search for superior performance in a compact, go-anywhere do-anything loudspeaker: The OWM3!

This article was last modified on Mar 26, 2013

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