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Cassini Oval Driver Design

At Polk, we believe in giving you the earth and the sun when it comes to loudspeaker technology. One way we do it is with our Cassini Oval Driver designs.

Cassini, you see, was in fact the astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini. Giovanni himself, while studying the motion of the earth and the sun, defined this particular shape in the year 1680.

We don’t think he was contemplating speaker drivers at the time (he thought the earth traveled around the sun in this sort of oval-shaped orbit). But he conveniently worked out a mathematical equation that allowed for all the benefits of a circle-shape with the bonus of increased surface area.

Three hundred years later, Polk engineers realized that this shape lends itself perfectly to loudspeaker design, especially in a narrow baffle enclosure.

The oval shape of this design fits into a tall, thin, shallow (and very stylish) loudspeaker enclosure more easily than a wide, deep driver. The increased surface area of the oval shape, combined with the super-strong support of the rigid cast oval driver basket, delivers deeper, more musical low-frequency extension. The result is a loudspeaker that’s beautifully thin but doesn’t skimp on heart-pounding bass effects.

Centuries in the making, Polk’s Cassini Oval Driver designs shoot for the stars, and achieve high performance in unexpected places.

This article was last modified on Jul 10, 2012

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