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Damped Asymmetric Hex Laminate Isolation

Hello DAHLI.

When you welcome a pair of RTiA Series loudspeakers into your home, you make a statement. It’s about having the warmth of real wood in your home. We can appreciate that. But for us, that real wood had to serve a performance purpose. And for that to happen, we had to take some liberties with Mother Nature; make a few enhancements to the natural beauty of real wood.

The enclosure of your RTiA Series speakers is constructed using internally-braced ¾" medium density fiberboard (MDF). MDF is a great choice when you’re building something (like a loudspeaker) that benefits from a dense, uniform, non-resonant material. But dull MDF is not something you want to see on the outside of your high performance loudspeaker.

To reinforce and enhance the excellent qualities of the MDF, and add attractive visual panache, Polk Audio engineers designed a special cabinet shape and laminate veneer, finished in real wood. This unique Damped Asymmetric Hex Laminate Isolation (DAHLI) cabinet design forms a stylishly curved, tapered shape.

The shape is engineered to be stronger, more rigid, and acoustically inert. It produces less audible coloration from panel resonances. The enclosure is wrapped with a durable 11-layer laminate (6 strong solid layers and 5 damping viscous layers) and topped with a beautifully finished layer of real wood. The real wood is finished in Black Oak or Cherry stains.

This deep, layered laminate recipe damps the speaker perfectly, and adds to its efficient non-resonant qualities. No energy is wasted on cabinet vibrations. Pick the speaker up, or give it a knuckle-thump, and you can feel the solid, high quality, heavy-duty weight of the enclosure. All this power and performance engineering; hidden inside the beauty and style of a specially shaped cabinet with a real wood finish. Beautiful!

This article was last modified on Mar 26, 2013

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