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The Dynamic Sonic Engine

In a perfect world, there exists the perfect loudspeaker. Incredibly, that loudspeaker doesn’t have separate mid-range drivers, woofers and tweeters; it has one ideal driver capable of accurately reproducing the complete dynamic spectrum of sound, from deep bass to detailed highs.

Until the perfect world comes along, Polk engineers are using innovative technology to get as close to this “essential” speaker as possible.

One example is the Dynamic Sonic Engine, a component housing designed into the LSiM Series of loudspeakers. Inside an LSiM speaker, the DSE isolates the mid-range and tweeter components in a rigid, tapered enclosure-within-an-enclosure where they are united as never before; performing in perfect harmony. This isolation enhances the detail-rich 200Hz-2kHz portion of the audio spectrum, dramatically improving transient response.

The aerodynamically-shaped DSE efficiently reduces back-wave reflections, tuning them out, so no resonances can add harshness or “glare”; and there is no dispersion pinching to degrade crucial imaging and soundstage solidity. Plus, the aligned, optimized driver array of the DSE delivers wide, uniform dispersion, for improved imaging, exact timbre-matching, and greater horizontal off-axis response.

The unique design of the Dynamic Sonic Engine gets the LSiM Series as close as possible to a “perfect world” speaker. It uses cutting-edge technology to reproduce and maintain an ideal frequency response, and improve the realism of your audio experience.

This article was last modified on Jul 10, 2012

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