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I-Sonic® Speaker Technology

I-Sonic is to tabletop radio as space shuttle is to airplane.

We know what you’re saying. That other company, they have one of these tabletop radio things. They use the word “best” in their ads for it, too. But they’re wrong.

Sure, we’re biased. But let me explain. The four-speaker I-Sonic Entertainment System is a totally new breed. It uses ultra sophisticated speaker technology, compacted into a small footprint, to literally p-r-o-j-e-c-t sound around your room, filling your office or den or bedroom with rich, realistic audio from any number of sources. (You can even use the I-Sonic as your digital multichannel home theater speaker system; it’s just that good.)

Doing it Better is How We Roll

The difference between a clock radio or a run of the mill iPod dock and the I-Sonic is pure sound. To achieve this level of audiophile realism and emotional dimension in a small speaker system (yep, we’re talking about a tabletop radio here), Polk engineers had to really put on their thinking caps.

What they came up with is true audio innovation. Inside the sleek body of the I-Sonic is a complex system of audio directors that create breathing room behind the system’s twin speaker pairs. One pair of speakers fires forward, one pair fires rearward, projecting your audio in a more realistic way. Enhancing this unique array is a hidden PowerPort® bass vent on the bottom of the I-Sonic that cuts turbulence as it funnels moving air from the interior baffles, creating realistic low end response that adds surprising width and depth. Listeners in any position, in any room, will hear the difference.

The design is so unique, and works so well, that we’ve applied for (yet another) patent on it.

Big Sound for Your Small Space, and Your Small Audio Gear

The I-Sonic System is perfect for almost any audio application, and it transforms even small gear into big sound. Use it as your iPod or iPhone dock. Easily connect external sources. Listen to the radio, both the plain-Jane kind and the newest, CD-quality HD Radio stations. Make it your digital home theater processor in a cozy den or bedroom! You’ll get the superior I-Sonic audio experience with either the I-Sonic ES or the I-Sonic ES2.

Only the I-Sonic, with its innovative engineering design, gives you the freedom to downsize your entertainment system without downsizing your listening experience.

“…the ES2 came as a revelation: when I walked between rooms, I heard nearly the exact same sound quality wherever I stood.”
- Christopher Jones, Playback Magazine

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This article was last modified on Mar 26, 2013

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