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The Orth Crossover

A good coach can lead a team to victory. He (or she) doesn’t play on the field; doesn’t touch the ball, or score the points. But a good coach can synchronize the dynamics of a team, control plays, and utilize players to the best of their strengths (helping make up for their weaknesses).

A well designed and attentively engineered loudspeaker crossover is very similar to a winning coach. It takes into consideration the abilities of the speaker’s team of players: the tweeters, drivers, woofers, enclosure volume and other attributes. It enhances the play by synchronizing signals to best utilize the each component’s strengths for optimum sound quality. Polk’s exclusive Orth Crossover, found in the flagship high performance LSiM Series, is the Vince Lombardi of crossovers.

The Orth Crossover has an excellent team to coach. Superior speaker components like the Enhanced Ring Radiator Tweeter and Aerated Polypropylene Cones, in an advanced enclosure design, are specifically engineered to deliver truly explosive high performance audio impact. Coaching this winning team to triumph after triumph is the job of one of the most advanced and most efficient crossovers ever designed by Polk.

Intricately engineered to work hand-in-hand with the design and materials of the LSiM Series speakers, the Orth Crossover features Mylar and Polypropylene Capacitors for sparkling highs and Air Core Inductors for superior transparency. Notch Filters and sophisticated Zobel circuits smooth the impedance curve of the system for more efficiency and better high frequency response. Electrolytic Capacitors balance power and performance. Each high pass, low pass, and impedance compensation network is custom matched to each separate transducer in the LSiM system.

After the characteristics of the crossover components were determined to meet Polk performance standards, the design of the crossover itself was engineered for the utmost efficiency. The circuit boards were optimized for the most efficient heat dissipation pattern, the elimination of performance-robbing electromagnetic interference, and speaker-specific fit.

An innovative multiple-board design was invented. Each separate Binding Post Connector works with its own exclusive crossover circuit. This eliminates interference, and allows for more flexible, and more efficient, placement of the compact crossover boards within the enclosure.

Like a good coach shaping a team’s strengths into a single winning unit, the premium components and customized design of the Orth Crossover transform the LSiM team into a finely tuned, superior performance loudspeaker. A true audio champion!

This article was last modified on Jul 10, 2012

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