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Polk Room Optimizer™ (PRO) & AUTOPRO

Crawl Around on the Floor to Find the Standing Waves

In the olden days, cave dwelling audiophiles had to work hard to optimize their subwoofers. They did complex calculations and measurements according to where they placed their subwoofers in relation to their listening position, their speakers and even the furniture in their listening room. (Not to mention the alignment of the planets.)

Now, Polk engineers have taken away all the guesswork. Not only are our Subwoofers more deeply musical than ever before, but they give you more control over the finer points of placement and performance. Polk Room Optimizer (PRO) and AUTOPRO functions (DSW2000/3000/4000 models only) use new technology to correct for room variations that would otherwise cause limitations and performance-robbing resonances.

Polk Room Optimizer (PRO)

The Polk Room Optimizer gives you the freedom to put your subwoofer practically anywhere in your room without compromising its performance. The PRO feature is found on the bottom of your DSWmicroPRO Series Subwoofer remote control module. It will automatically tailor your subwoofer’s performance to its room location, allowing you to compensate for echoes, reflections, and resonances that can impede big bass response.

On the remote, you’ll see four buttons that reflect examples of the average subwoofer placement: cabinet, corner, mid-wall, and mid-room. Simply choose the button that most closely resembles your subwoofer placement, and the magic of state-of-the-art technology instantly optimizes your subwoofer for that placement. By tuning out bad sounds with just the press of a button, you’ll experience smoother, more realistically musical bass response.

AUTOPRO Room Resonance Correction

The innovative AUTOPRO function (found on DSWmicroPRO 2000/3000/4000 models) goes one step further. It uses a microphone to actually hear what you’ll hear in your listening position, and then automatically tunes your subwoofer to sound perfect for that spot.

Simply place your sub where it’s most convenient, and then put the AUTOPRO microphone in your listening position. Connect the mic to the sub, and press the room button on your remote. With one touch, you can automatically and electronically tune out performance-robbing boundary effects and room resonances. AUTOPRO defeats boomy bass, and insures classically accurate, tight and fast Polk bass response, no matter where you put your subwoofer.

Big Bass Does Not Get Any Easier Than This

They say technology makes things easier, but it never really does. The Polk subwoofer controls, though, buck the trend. What used to be a complex and bizarre calculation involving several friends, a game of Twister, and assorted floor based measurement calisthenics, is now just the press of a button from the comfort of your easy chair.

Enjoy big, musical bass specifically tuned to your personal listening area, with the Polk Subwoofer Controls.

Figure 1a is the response of a subwoofer placed far away from room surfaces. Notice that the response is very smooth and "flat" but with a steep roll-off of deep bass. Figure 1b is that same subwoofer placed midway on a wall. Notice that the deep bass response is improved but there are other changes as well, some of the upper bass sounds have been altered. Figure 1c is the same sub placed in a corner. Here the effects are more dramatic, a fairly large "bump" in the mid bass region would add a distinct "boomy" quality to the sound. But with Room Optimizer these three examples would be evaluated, by the built-in processor, and made to sound even and balanced.

This article was last modified on Mar 26, 2013

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