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PowerPort® Plus Bass Technology

Fact: Bass is good.
Fact: We like a lot of bass.
Fact: We’re bass fanatics. Bass-anatics. Bass-addicts.
Fact: We perfected big, musical, floor rippling bass with our patented PowerPort bass venting technology.
Fact: It just wasn’t big enough big bass for us. We had to go and make it bigger.

That’s just like us, isn’t it? Can’t leave well enough alone. To us, turn that down means the opposite. So we invented PowerPort Bass Venting Technology to smooth airflow from our bass ports. PowerPort saved us up to 3dBs of amp power, which was put to much better use making low-end thump. It decreased turbulence and boosted bass power till the neighbors came over and threatened us with legal action.

Now that we have new neighbors (long story), we figured we should work on new ways to piss them off. Maybe we could boost our bass enough to shake the plates off their fireplace mantel?

Here’s How We’ll Do it: PowerPort Plus.

PowerPort Plus adds a second port, and specially engineered internal plates, to effectively double (and then some) the smooth, deep, musical bass response of our loudspeakers, without adding the weight or size of additional subwoofer drivers!

Picture this: Two ports, one front and one rear, plus a series of acoustic plates built into the enclosure, to direct the massive air movement of the low frequency effects. At the ports, unique PowerPort Bass Venting Technology mimics the characteristics of long, wide ports, but cuts all the tremendous turbulence and performance-robbing distortion.

PowerPort Plus exponentially increases the already ginormous amount of unexpected bass response you get from our loudspeakers, without sacrificing the benefits of surprisingly compact cabinet sizes. It increases efficiency by magnitudes, allowing your amplifier to devote itself to more profitable pursuits, like making bass!

PowerPort Plus Bass Venting Technology allows the RTi10, RTi12, RTiA7 and RTiA9 loudspeaker models to deliver an unbelievable bass experience. You will feel it in the air around you. It will reveal an added layer of warm detail to your favorite music or movie software. It's visceral and emotional, just the way we like our bass. With increased efficiency and deeper low frequency tuning, these loudspeakers will literally rock you.

Just ask our neighbors.

PowerPort Plus is covered by US Patent # 7162049.

This article was last modified on Apr 19, 2013

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