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The Ring Radiator Tweeter

Priceless Details at a Polk Audio Price

Don’t you hate when the highs gets squeaky and distort? Or when you can’t locate a particular detail in the mix, and your audio sounds smeared and indirect? 

To avoid this, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars on a super high-end boutique brand of loudspeakers. Or, you could listen to Polk loudspeakers, and achieve the same level of satisfaction, without mortgaging your home again.

That’s because we’ve taken the world renowned ring radiator tweeter design found on some of the highest of high-end loudspeakers (lauded for its accuracy, detail and efficiency) and reengineered it for our flagship LSi freestanding and LCi built-in series loudspeakers. There are simply no other speakers at this price with a tweeter as good as our ring radiator.

The remarkable ring radiator tweeter gives the LSi and LCi Series Speakers incredible accuracy and astonishing detail. It helps reveal the nuances of your favorite CDs, the warmth of your LPs, and the full potential of today’s highest definition software formats like DVD-Audio and SACD. And when it comes to home theater, the ring radiator creates truly lifelike audio environments, with pinpoint accuracy and utterly believable DVD and Blu-Ray fidelity, even at sofa-moving volume levels. 

Here’s a glimpse into the tiny world of ring radiator tweeter technology:

  1. Ring Radiator Diaphragm: The Ring Radiator Diaphragm ensures flat response, precise detail and astonishing overall accuracy. The ultra-light woven diaphragm is supported at two pivot points (A & B), with the voice coil attached between the two points (C). With very little unsupported material, there’s less opportunity for performance robbing resonance to develop.
  2. High Frequency Waveguide: The high frequency waveguide prevents phase cancellations for smooth, uniform frequency response and wide sound dispersion.
  3. Copper-clad Aluminum Voice Coil: 
    The Copper-clad Aluminum Voice Coil wire combines the low mass and power handling benefits of aluminum with the superior high frequency conductivity of copper. Vent holes in the voice coil former efficiently cool the coil.
  4. Copper Faraday Cap: The Copper Faraday Cap on the pole piece flattens the impedance curve, lowering distortion, extending and improving the high frequency response.
  5. Absorbent Cavity Fill: High tech foam and dacron cavity fill materials absorb back wave radiation for flatter frequency response. (Dacron material also fills the lower rounded cavity, for added absorption qualities, but is not pictured here for clarity purposes.)
  6. Magnetic Shielding: The Magnetic Shielding Cup effectively protects sensitive video and computer equipment.
  7. Neodymium Magnet: The tiny, powerful Neodymium Magnet is ultra efficient, and the absolute state of the art for accuracy and detail.
  8. Dual Chamber Cavity: Unprecedented realism is achieved via an oversized dual chamber cavity, which extends this tweeter’s low frequency response to well under 1kHz for utterly flat, seamless blending with the speakers’ drivers.
  9. Low Frequency Waveguide: The Low Frequency Waveguide works like a PowerPort® to promote laminar air flow between chambers, preventing turbulence.

Hear What You’ve Been Missing

Combined with other Polk innovations, like our resonance suppressing aerated polypropylene driver design, the ring radiator tweeter delivers a more accurate reproduction of your favorite music and movies. And it does it in loudspeakers that won’t cost a fortune.

Hear it for yourself today, in our LSi freestanding or LCi Built-in Series of speakers.

This article was last modified on Mar 26, 2013

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