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In an industry where incremental design changes are hailed as paradigm shifts, the driver array technology of the new Blackstone TL Series is a paradigm shift among paradigm shifts. Why? Because it’s a design element that actually improves performance in a product whose performance has already set the bar quite high, indeed.

The Blackstone TL Series is the latest generation of Polk’s compact high performance loudspeakers. Our compact loudspeakers were designed to counter the preponderance of tinny, toy-like mini-speakers on the market. The components used in the Blackstone TL Series are the very same components used on our top-of-the-line traditional-sized loudspeakers, now engineered for superior performance in smaller enclosures. Blackstone TL speakers deliver big home theater thrills in rooms where big speakers just wouldn’t fit.

One of the ways they do it is by using Time Lens Technology. Time Lens Technology is a patented combination of two complementary engineering elements, time alignment and acoustic lens design. This new technology results in improved soundstaging and smoother frequency response, for impressive imaging and big volume.

Time alignment refers to the staggered placement of the drivers in the array, and (behind the scenes) the specialized crossover settings that keep these drivers “aligned in phase,” which is another way of saying “working together closely.” The acoustic lens is designed into the shape of the Blackstone TL baffle and grille. It resembles the flared end of a horn. It helps achieve an unprecedented level of directional detail and dynamic blending.

When you place the curved grille over the face of the Blackstone TL speaker, the acoustic lens fits directly over the tweeter, which is aligned with the mid-woofer. This directed effect produces a noticeably wider soundstage. It enhances the natural blending of the tweeter and mid-woofer by smoothing the lower end of the tweeter’s frequency response. The combination of effects creates a level of detailed imaging and frequency balance that no other compact loudspeaker can touch.

Thanks to Time Lens Technology, Blackstone TL delivers big realism, big volume, and big home theater thrills in a loudspeaker you can hold in the palm of your hand!

This article was last modified on Jul 10, 2012

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