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The subwoofer for the AB900 inwall system.

Available Finishes:

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Sound so big you can feel it...from speakers you can barely see.

Polk's Architectural Reference Built-In Companion Bass System to the AB900 Loudspeakers (AB Series) deliver full-range sonic performance without intruding on your living space. Designed to be built-in to your walls and, if desired, painted to match or complement any color of your decor, the AB Series is the perfect solution to delivering high quality sound throughout your home. The open, 3-dimensional sound that has become a hallmark of Polk is recognized instantly, even in the smallest of systems. Nearly perfect high frequency dispersion makes speaker placement less critical, and a flat frequency response provides endless listening without psychoacoustic fatigue. Now by adding the AB900S true low bass sound information can now be experienced.

Polk's superior components, including bass and midrange drivers featuring trilaminate polymer diaphragms and hemispherical soft dome tweeters, set the AB systems apart from any other built-in speakers currently available. In the tradition of Polk Audio, each driver benefits from extensive research and development using the most sophisticated computer testing programs. As always only the finest grade components and materials are used to insure long term, trouble free operation.

Even in the most basic of systems, the AB Series provides quality bass reproduction. By choosing models with additional midbass drivers or by adding one or more subwoofer systems, one can achieve a truly remarkable sound that dramatically recreates the excitement of a live performance.

Driver Complement

Diameter6 1/2" (16.51cm) 


Cut-Out Width13 1/8" (33.34cm) 
Cut-Out Height20 7/16" (51.91cm) 
Height21 3/4" (55.24cm) 
Width14 1/2" (36.83cm) 
Mounting Depth (includes 1/2" drywall)3 7/8" (9.84cm) 

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