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This product is a vintage Polk model and is not available for sale, but it may still be available in some stores as a closeout or used product. The following text is taken from the original sales brochure for this product and does not reflect current availability. If you happen to have any question or concerns about this product, or any other Polk Audio product, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-377-7655 Monday - Friday, 9am - 5:30pm EST


10-inch single voice coil 8 Ohm subwoofer

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Beyond Toys!

The Polk Audio db Series are carefully engineered car speakers that are based on science, research and a passion for perfection not mere toys.

•Dynamic Balance is the key to producing a better, cleaner sound by eliminating resonances. Using research findings based on laser imaging technology db Series speakers produce more accurate and powerful sound.

•Composite Materials reduce resonances by using combinations of stiff and damped materials which cancel out each other's unwanted resonances.

•Deadly Bass/Less Space is a Polk Audio concept that allows for superb bass performance from smaller sized enclosures. No longer is it necessary to have large subwoofer enclosures taking away valuable trunk space.

•Quad-Laminate dome tweeter is rubberized silk with vapor deposited micro layers of stainless steel and aluminum.

•db Crossovers put the owner in the driver's seat by perfectly tuning each tweeter, midrange driver and subwoofer performance level by giving 12 different possible combinations that can be set.

Driver Complement

Diameter10" (25.40cm) 
Typedynamic balance composite material 


Total Frequency Response20-300 Hz 
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Efficiency85 dB
Power Handling
Continuous300 watts
Peak600 watts
Voice Coil
Driver Diameter2" (5.08cm) 
Magnet Weight66.00 pounds

Thiele / Small Parameters

Resonant Frequency27.19 Hz
VD.042 cu.ft. 
Xmax Linear.293 in. / 7.48 mm 
Xmax Mechanical1.0 in. / 25.4 mm 
Winding Width.90 in. / 22.9 mm 
Recommended Enclosure.65 cubic feet / 18.4 Liters sealed 
SD.391 sq.ft. / .0363 sq. m 
VAS1.10 cu.ft. / 30.81 L 
Driver Weight9 lbs. 2 oz. / 4.1 kg. pounds


Cut-Out Diameter9 7/25" (23.57cm) 
Product Weight (each)13.50 pounds


Speaker Warranty3 years parts and labor (original purchaser) 

Specifications, dimensions and features subject to change without notice. For more information call us at 1-800-377-7655 (USA and Canada). Outside of North America call +1 (410) 358-3600.

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