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Full-range coaxial 6 x 9 car speaker

Available Finishes:

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More Control, More Power, More Everything

The dX9 Features:

  • Polymer/mica composite cones for enhanced performance and durability.
  • Blue tri-laminate woven silk composite dome tweeters: "Bright without bite."
  • Polk's Dynamic Balance technology for superior response with all kinds of music.
  • High-tech Elastomer rubberized-plastic surrounds for reliable durability and better performance.
  • 1" diameter driver voice coil for superior bass and power handling
  • Extra long, precision wrapped, vented voice coils for superior cooling, longer linear throw, and high power-handling.
  • Tweeters feature small, lightweight, yet powerful Neodymium magnets.
  • Easy installation: Drop-in fit in most factory speaker locations.

About dX Series Full Range Speakers

dX coaxial speakers are the drop-in solution for high performance and high efficiency. Bass—tight, deep and full. Mids and highs—smooth and detailed. Imaging—spacious depth and sound staging.

Drop them into practically any factory location. dX coaxials feature multi-hole mounting patterns for drop-in convenience in most any ride, and high-tech materials constructed with state-of-the-art techniques so they can take the punishment and power you dish out. They're durable and torture-proof.

Run them off your existing high-power head unit. Because they're efficient enough to play loud using the power right from your head unit, you don't have to blow more gas money on an extra amplifier. Unless, of course, you want to! dX coaxes can take it, any way you dish it out.

The polymer/mica composite cone in the dX coaxial loudspeaker stands up to all sorts of torture, cancels performance-robbing resonance, and adds endurance. Environmentally stable rubber surrounds withstand climate conditions that rot lesser speakers. dX cones shrug off moisture and heat like a raincoat.

The drivers in the dX Coaxes have a 1" voice coil. That's a big voice coil for a coaxial. It handles big power. You can pump these dXs full of power and still get crisp sound. The tweeters are tri-laminate silk composite domes - for better damping and smoother response - with Neodymium Alloy magnets; these monster-magnets are smaller than traditional ceramic magnets, but 7 to 10 times more powerful. That means awesome response in a speaker that fits.

Then there's our exclusive recipe for tuning out distortion-producing speaker resonance: Dynamic Balance. Dynamic Balance results in greater detail no matter what you're listening to; dX sound is always clean and clear. Only Polk's got it.

Driver Complement

Diameter3/4" (1.91cm) 
TypeSoft Dome 
Diameter1 1/2" (3.81cm) 
TypePolymer Composite Cone 
Mid / Woofer
Oval Height9" (22.86cm) 
Oval Width6" (15.24cm) 
Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
TypePolymer Composite Cone 
Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
Oval Height9" (22.86cm) 
Oval Width6" (15.24cm) 
TypePolymer Composite Cone 


Maximum SPL0 dB
Total Frequency Response40hz-20khz 
Nominal Impedance4 ohms
Efficiency91 dB
Power Handling
Continuous50 watts
Peak160 watts
Voice Coil
Driver Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
Tweeter Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
Magnet Weight13.00 pounds


Oval Cut-Out Height8 7/8" (22.54cm) 
Cut-Out Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
Height0" (0.00cm) 
Length0" (0.00cm) 
Width0" (0.00cm) 
Oval Cut-Out Width6" (15.24cm) 
Tweeter Cut-Out Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
Height0" (0.00cm) 
Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
Oval Width0" (0.00cm) 
Oval Height0" (0.00cm) 
Full-Range Mounting Depth
Top Mount3 3/16" (8.10cm) 
Bottom Mount3 5/16" (8.41cm) 
Driver Mounting Depth
Top Mount with Grille0" (0.00cm) 
Top Mount without Grille0" (0.00cm) 
Top Mount without Cup0" (0.00cm) 
Bottom Mount with Grille0" (0.00cm) 
Bottom Mount without Grille0" (0.00cm) 
Bottom Mount without Cup0" (0.00cm) 
Top Mount0" (0.00cm) 
Bottom Mount0" (0.00cm) 
Tweeter Mounting Depth
Flush Mount Depth0" (0.00cm) 
Surface Mount Height0" (0.00cm) 
Product Weight (each)0.00 pounds


Total Shipping Weight0.00 pounds

Subwoofer Box Dimensions

Height0" (0.00cm) 
Width0" (0.00cm) 
Depth0" (0.00cm) 
Footprint Depth0" (0.00cm) 
Footprint Width0" (0.00cm) 
Internal Box Volume0.00 


Speaker Warranty3 years parts and labor (original purchaser) 

Specifications, dimensions and features subject to change without notice. For more information call us at 1-800-377-7655 (USA and Canada). Outside of North America call +1 (410) 358-3600.

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