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Innovative Technology You Can Afford

  • Finally, a 6"x8" that fits Fords and Mazdas!

  • Exclusive Rotating Elliptical Lens focuses the tweeter's high frequency response directly to your listening position for pinpoint imaging and clear detail, even from off-axis factory speaker locations:
    • Under the REL is a 3/4" Soft Dome Tweeter for high power handling and smooth response.
    • Anti-Diffraction Tweeter Post, shaped like a funnel to minimize distorting driver "bounce back."
    • Durable Poly/Mica cone.
    • Butyl Rubber Surround beats the most extreme conditions.
    • Multi-hole mounting pattern and low profile for easy installation in virtually any location.
    • Powder-coated, anti-corrosion, reinforced steel basket and grille.

    EX3 Series Full Range Coaxial Car Speakers are the ideal combination of high technology, high performance, drop-in flexibility and price.

    Replace your factory speakers with EX3 speakers with a minimum of cutting, knuckle-banging and dash-destruction.

    Designed to boost the performance of your stock head unit (so you don't have to blow extra money on electronics) with more efficient power handling and the unique REL sound-tailoring technology. That's why EX3 Series Coaxials deliver better imaging, more balance and greater clarity.

    Driver Complement

    Diameter3/4" (1.91cm) 
    TypeSoft Dome Tweeter 
    Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
    Mid / Woofer
    Oval Height8" (20.32cm) 
    Oval Width6" (15.24cm) 
    Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
    Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
    Oval Height0" (0.00cm) 
    Oval Width0" (0.00cm) 


    Maximum SPL0 dB
    Total Frequency Response50-22kHz 
    Nominal Impedance4 ohms
    Efficiency91 dB
    Power Handling
    Continuous60 watts
    Peak190 watts
    Voice Coil
    Driver Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
    Tweeter Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
    Magnet Weight0.00 pounds


    Oval Cut-Out Height7 1/2" (19.05cm) 
    Cut-Out Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
    Height0" (0.00cm) 
    Length0" (0.00cm) 
    Width0" (0.00cm) 
    Oval Cut-Out Width5 1/4" (13.34cm) 
    Tweeter Cut-Out Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
    Height1 1/2" (3.81cm) 
    Diameter0" (0.00cm) 
    Oval Width6 7/8" (17.46cm) 
    Oval Height10 1/4" (26.04cm) 
    Full-Range Mounting Depth
    Top Mount0" (0.00cm) 
    Bottom Mount0" (0.00cm) 
    Driver Mounting Depth
    Top Mount with Grille0" (0.00cm) 
    Top Mount without Grille0" (0.00cm) 
    Top Mount without Cup0" (0.00cm) 
    Bottom Mount with Grille0" (0.00cm) 
    Bottom Mount without Grille0" (0.00cm) 
    Bottom Mount without Cup0" (0.00cm) 
    Top Mount2 7/16" (6.19cm) 
    Bottom Mount2 5/8" (6.67cm) 
    Tweeter Mounting Depth
    Flush Mount Depth0" (0.00cm) 
    Surface Mount Height0" (0.00cm) 
    Product Weight (each)0.00 pounds


    Total Shipping Weight0.00 pounds

    Subwoofer Box Dimensions

    Height0" (0.00cm) 
    Width0" (0.00cm) 
    Depth0" (0.00cm) 
    Footprint Depth0" (0.00cm) 
    Footprint Width0" (0.00cm) 
    Internal Box Volume0.00 


    Speaker Warranty3 years parts and labor (original purchaser) 

    Specifications, dimensions and features subject to change without notice. For more information call us at 1-800-377-7655 (USA and Canada). Outside of North America call +1 (410) 358-3600.

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