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High-performance loudspeakers equipped with dynamic balance.

Available Finishes:

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The triumph of dynamic balance.

Form follows function in the shape of the LS cabinet. The delicately slanted sides add elegance and style to the appearance while aiding in the breakup of internal standing waves. The cabinet shape also enhances the diffraction control system by narrowing the baffle at the tweeter, creating even greater stability of the stereo image. The structural design of the LS series is reinforced with thick 1" baffles of non-resonant MDF and computer-designed internal bracing systems. These cabinets are rock solid when producing even the deepest bass at high power levels.

The driver cones in the LS series are a polyolefin mineral-based composite like the S series models, but with space-age aramid fibers added for a near perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio. The result is a driver of more musical accuracy. LS models also feature a SL6000 Dynamic Balance 1" trilaminate dome tweeter. Its unique composite dome is produced by a patented vapor deposition process that adds a thin layer of aluminum and stainless steel to the polyamide base. Like the most sophisticated metal dome, it provides greater frequency extension and detail, but with the smooth non-resonant character of soft domes. Finally, as a crowning touch, each LS model is equipped with gold five-way binding posts as connectors, providing long lasting non-oxidizing electrical contact with your amplifier and assuring top performance - now and in the future.

The LS70 incorporates two MW8100 Dynamic Balance 7.5" drivers in a progressive line source. When blended with an SL6000 Dynamic Balance 1" trilaminate dome tweeter, the LS70 accurately captures the vivid and emotional character of the original musical experience. For still higher performance, the LS70, with its two sets of gold plated five-way binding posts, is able to be bi-wired and bi-amped. Stereo Review's Julian Hirsch said it best: "...how did it sound? In a word, superb."

Driver Complement

Diameter1" (2.54cm) 
Typedome tweeter 
Diameter7 1/2" (19.05cm) 


Total Frequency Response25Hz - 26kHz 
Upper -3dB Limit25 kHz
Lower -3dB Limit37 Hz
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Efficiency90 dB
Recommended Amplifier Power30 - 250 watts per channel

Amplifier Specs

Amplifier Type


Cabinet Dimensions
Height37" (93.98cm) 
Width12 1/4" (31.12cm) 
Depth14 281/500" (36.99cm) 

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