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Available Finishes:

High-Performance Audio System for your iPod

Plug in your iPod for Audiophile Quality Sound

Slide your iPod into the miDock10 to enjoy high-performance sound. Designed to accommodate virtually all docking iPods*, the miDock10 is as versatile and easy to use as it is impressive. You can plug it in while at home, or install batteries to take it with you on the road. The miDock10 will charge your iPod when plugged in (special note- will not charge, but will play 4th Gen Nano), and can also connect to your computer with a USB cable to let you sync your iPod with iTunes. Plus, the convenient credit-card sized remote control lets you operate your iPod and miDock10 from across the room.

*When using a 3rd Generation iPod Nano slide the "adaptor plate" in the forward most position.

*Will not fit iPod Touch or iPhone but audio can still be used through the Auxiliary input.


  • Two 3.25-inch full-range drivers and ported enclosure produce high-quality stereo sound
  • To keep your iPod synchronized with iTunes, you can connect your miDock10 to your computer using the USB cable supplied with your iPod
  • Auxiliary input to connect other music sources
  • Convenient headphone jack for private listening
  • Fits all dockable iPods
  • Operates on 8 C batteries (not included) for portable iPod playback, or plugs in with included 12V 1.4A AC Adapter for stationary listening
  • Handles on both ends make for good looks and easy portability
    What's in the Box?
  • miDock10 docking system for iPod
  • Three docking cradle adapters
  • 12V power adapter for AC operation
  • Remote Control
  • Registration and Warranty Information

What are the differences between the Polk miDocks?

The miDock Portfolio, miDock10, and miDock Studio all provide high-quality sound for iPod playback, but each has a slightly different feature set.

miDock Studio miDock10 miDock Portfolio
Allows easy access to the iPod keypad, but as a result does not have the protective docking enclosure. The miDock Studio focuses on great sound, providing the best bass and high-quality listening experience of the miDocks. Whatever your needs are, you're bound to find the perfect iPod sound system in our miDock Family. Larger than the Portfolio and can play louder with more bass. The carrying handles on the side and the enclosed docking compartment to protect your iPod make it easy to carry around. The smallest and most portable of the miDock Family. You can fold the Portfolio up, stick it in its convenient carrying case and slide it into your briefcase or purse for ultimate portability.


Amplifier Specs

Amplifier Type


Cabinet Dimensions
Height6" (15.24cm) 
Width16" (40.64cm) 
Depth4" (10.16cm) 


Speaker Warranty1 year parts and labor (original purchaser) 

Specifications, dimensions and features subject to change without notice. For more information call us at 1-800-377-7655 (USA and Canada). Outside of North America call +1 (410) 358-3600.

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