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Trilaminate dome tweeter

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The Polk MM Series: MM 3000

The top of the line MM3000 trilaminate dome tweeter is the culmination of four years of research and development in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins University Center for Non-Destructive Testing. Countless hours of critical listening combined with advanced Laser Interferometry testing lead us to confidently state that it is the finest sounding and most versatile tweeter for the car available at any price.

In addition to the unique dome technology described previously, this State of The Art driver utilizes a costly and powerful neodymium magnet. Neodymium is a new magnetic material that has made it possible to use a magnet structure 17 times smaller than those typically used in loudspeakers!

The MM3000 provides ultra high efficiency and wide dynamic range in a tweeter so small and versatile that it is easily integrated into any auto interior. It's unique ball and socket swivel mount allows you to precisely aim the tweeter as needed to optimize high frequency dispersion and imaging. The MM3000 is supplied with all necessary hardware to accommodate three different mounting options: flush mounting, thin mounting, or surface mounting. Which mount is best for your audio environment can be determined by your Polk Audio dealer. No longer will you have to choose between maintaining the integrity of your car's interior and achieving spectacular quality sound, you can literally have it all with the Polk MM3000.

"Polk's MM3000 is a 1" tri-laminate dome design employing a second order crossover with level matching circuitry and featuring ultra-low viscosity magnet fluid cooling. The MM3000 can reproduce frequencies between 2kHz to 26kHz. Polk says recommended amplification is five to 100 watts at four ohms. Sensitivity is listed at 92dB at one watt/one meter...

And the Winner Is...863 car stereo experts picked the best component tweeter. An annual poll conducted by AudioVideo Magazine gives the nation's car stereo experts the opportunity to choose the best car stereo products. The Polk Audio MM3000 was named Speaker Separate of the Year and the MM3065 was named Component Speaker System of the Year." - AudioVideo Magazine - March 1992

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