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SurroundBar One Step

Single-speaker enclosure home theater system with compact wireless subwoofer

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Instant Home Theater!

The SurroundBar One-Step, by The Speaker Specialists® at Polk Audio, delivers a truly incredible, three-dimensional surround-sound experience, with deep bass thrills, in practically any room. It’s a stylish package that installs in seconds and perfectly complements your new flat panel television. SurroundBar One-Step is the easiest and most affordable way to upgrade your television watching or game-playing experience.

5 Steps To Professional-Level Surround-Sound Magic

  1. The SurroundBar One-Step System works with the remote you already use, so there’s no learning curve, and it comes with all the wires you will need for hook up: one. No complex setup. Nothing else to buy. No wiring clutter, no rear speakers. How easy is it to “plug & play” the SurroundBar One-Step?
  2. Connect the One-Step audio cable (included) from the SurroundBar to your TV. 
  3. Plug the SurroundBar into an AC outlet, plug the wireless subwoofer into an AC outlet.
  4. Set the bar in front of your TV (or mount it to the wall).
  5. Turn it on. You’re done!

Plug & Play Convenience, Polk Audio Performance: The SurroundBar One-Step System

Wireless Subwoofer Convenience

Deepest bass, no wires. Put this compact subwoofer module anywhere, and then simply plug it in. No wires snaking across your room. And no sacrificing deep, satisfying bass with real impact.

J-Port Subwoofer Design For Bigger Bass

Engineered using advanced computer modeling; Polk Audio’s flared J-Port design optimizes bass performance at high listening levels and reduces port turbulence in the compact subwoofer enclosure.

Gamers, Go!

Games are more fun with big audio impact and surround-sound. One SurroundBar speaker and a wireless subwoofer mean no clutter to get in the way when you’re fragging zombies or racing to the finish line or rocking out with your favorite bands. No new menus to learn, no complex setup. Plug and play great audio!

1. Un-box the speaker bar and the wireless subwoofer.

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