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PA200.4 (4/3/2 channels)

High performance 4-channel mobile audio amplifier

Available Finishes:

Pure Performance.

The PA200.4 features a high-speed MOSFET switching power supply and high current bipolar output transistors for maximum voltage and high current to your speakers or subwoofers. A double layer fiberglass epoxy printed circuit board provides more rigidity and less shrinkage, with plated through-holes instead of jumpers, for twice the amount of component contact area. This very efficient layout packs more circuitry, with tighter component tolerances, into a smaller circuit board for a smaller overall amp footprint.

PA200.4 Features:

50 Watts x 4 (2 ohm) or 35 Watts x 4 (4 ohm) continuous power in 4 channel mode. 100 Watts x 2 (4 ohm) continuous dual bridge mono/2 channel mode.

80 x 4 (2 ohm) dynamic power.

CEA-2006 compliant specifications for true, accurate power ratings.

4-channel, dual bridge-mono (2-channel), or dual simultaneous stereo/mono operation provide a variety of configurations and setups: 4-channel for front and rear speakers; 2 speakers and a sub; as 2 subwoofers; or as 2 subs and 4-channels in passive-tri mode.

2 ohm stable 4-channel operation.

6-way Smart System Protection (SSP) circuits: Power and ground-reversal protection, thermal and short protection, current overdraw and low impedance protection circuits with auto-standby mode ensure safety, reliability and durability.

Anodized extruded brushed-aluminum cover and textured end caps for maximum heat dissipation.

Cast aluminum textured end caps for optimized heat dissipation and hiding of connectors. Solid aluminum logo and model panel back lit in cobalt blue.

Selectable 12 dB/octave high or low-pass crossover. Defeatable for full range (flat) operation.

Switchable 8 dB bass boost at 40Hz for extra bass thump.

Variable input gain optimizes match with different signal sources (250mv to 7.5V).

RCA outputs (front channels only)- for easy daisy chaining of other amplifiers.

Mounting hardware with rubber isolation grommets and extra fuse included.

Light bar/fan output-Connect an optional LED light bar or cooling fan for custom installations.

Multi-color status LED gives instant information on amplifier operation.


Total Frequency Response20-20 KHz 
Signal-to-noise (Referenced to rated power)90 dBA
Protection Circuitry1 x 30 amp fuse, Power and Ground-Reversal Protection, Thermal and DC offset 
Subsonic FilterNo 
High Pass Filter
Filter Slope12 dB/octave 
Filter Frequency80 Hz 
Low Pass Filter
Filter Slope12 dB/octave 
Filter Frequency80 Hz 
Effective Damping Factor>100 
Input Impedance20.0000 k ohms
Max Sensitivity250 mV to 7.5 dB


Product Weight (each)10.00 pounds
With Panels
Height2 16/25" (6.71cm) 
Width12 1/2" (31.75cm) 
Depth10 1/4" (26.04cm) 

Amplifier Specs

Bass Boost Characteristics+8 dB @ 40 Hz Hz
12V & Ground Cable Gauge10 AWG Minimum 


Total Shipping Weight12.00 pounds

Amplifier Power Specs

RMS Power at 14.4V
Watts per channel NOT bridged @ 1 kHz
4 ohms45 watts
2 ohms50 watts
Watts per channel bridged
4 ohms100 watts
Dynamic Power at 14.4V
Watts per channel NOT bridged @ 1 kHz
2 ohms80 watts

Specifications, dimensions and features subject to change without notice. For more information call us at 1-800-377-7655 (USA and Canada). Outside of North America call +1 (410) 358-3600.

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