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Powered Subwoofer with High Velocity Compression Drive Technology

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More Bass. Less Space.

High Velocity Compression Drive

Patent Pending technology that offers compact size with no compromise in bass power and impact.

  • Flexible design can be freestanding or placed into entertainment furniture.

Sonically matched for Polk's RM Series, M Series and S Series speakers as well as other high quality bookshelf and floor-standing loud speakers.

Not Just Another Subwoofer

At last count, there were over 140 powered subwoofers on the market but only two, the Polk Audio PSW100 and PSW200, deliver “bone shaking” performance with unmatched convenience and flexibility.

The technology we've incorporated into our subwoofer minimizes the unwanted midrange that is common to most subwoofers. This midrange muddies the sound and restricts your placement flexibility since your ears can locate the position of midrange sound sources. Our subwoofers produce only bass, not midrange, so they can be placed anywhere in your room, even out of sight, while the sound appears to come from all around you. Because there's no midrange to color the sound, they will blend seamlessly with your other speakers. And with output down to 19 cycles, they positively enhance the performance of your main speaker system, regardless of its size or price.

Since there are no exposed drivers or cloth grilles, these subwoofers resist abuse from children and pets so they'll continue to look good and perform well for many years. Last but not least, they'll give you the BIG subwoofer bass without the air conditioner sized cabinet.

What is High Velocity Compression Drive?

If small subwoofers with big bass were easy to design and build, every manufacturer would make them. But all conventional solutions result in either sacrificing the performance to the size or sacrificing the size to the performance. Something unconventional was needed. Introducing Polk Audio's new technology, high velocity compression drive.

This patent pending acoustic system encloses a special mass Dynamic Balance driver in a unique two chambered cabinet which transmits sound into the room through a patented opening we call a PowerPort®.

A high mass driver is required to overcome the stiff internal pressure of these compact enclosures. So we developed drivers with very heavy cone assemblies and powerful magnet structures to control them. The result is spectacularly deep bass output from a cabinet that is nearly thirty percent smaller than that of a conventional subwoofer.


Inside a subwoofer cabinet, the sound pressure levels get pretty extreme. This pressure must pass into your room through an opening in the cabinet—typically a port. But ports, particularly small ones, add noise due to the turbulence that is created as the air passes through them. By modeling the flow dynamics of a port, we were able to create a new venting system, the PowerPort. It eliminates the distortion and turbulence of a typical port by smoothly transitioning the high pressure, high velocity air inside the port to a low velocity, high volume flow entering your room. A conventional port designed to match the performance of the PSW200's PowerPort would have to be 12" in diameter and 60" long!

So you get deeper, more powerful bass than any other subwoofer its size. In fact, you get the performance you'd expect from a big subwoofer in a size that's small enough to be hidden anywhere.

High Performance Inboard Amplification

The amplifier design for a powered subwoofer has to be rugged so you can play the subwoofer at high levels without having it distort the sound. Both the PSW100 and PSW200 are powered by custom designed high performance amplifiers featuring discrete output circuits for superior musicality and maximum deep bass power.

And you can tailor the sound of our subwoofers. Independent volume and phase controls enable you to change the bass to suit your taste, while the frequency and phase controls allow you to match the subwoofer to your main speakers, whether they're satellite, bookshelf or floorstanding. To eliminate the guesswork of tuning your system, adjacent to each control are recommended settings so you can easily adjust the subwoofer for optimum performance.

So for big subwoofer bass in a size you can live with, consider the revolutionary Polk powered subwoofers with high velocity compression drive. Our innovative technologies and value engineering have made them the ideal choice for music and movies and has, once again, enabled us to deliver “Incredible Sound/Affordable Price.”

Driver Complement

Diameter8" (20.32cm) 


Total Frequency Response22 - 200 Hz 
Upper -3dB Limit150Hz kHz
Lower -3dB Limit31 Hz
InputsMono or Stereo Line Level RCA Phono Jacks, Stereo Speaker Terminals 
OutputsStereo Speaker Terminals 

Amplifier Specs

Amplifier Type


Cabinet Dimensions
Height14 1/8" (35.88cm) 
Width10 7/8" (27.62cm) 
Depth19 5/8" (49.85cm) 

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