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Two compact midrange/tweeter satellites and one low frequency subwoofer system.

Available Finishes:

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Big speaker sound without the big speaker.

The RM3000 Three Piece System:

Polk's engineers had determined long ago that there were indeed certain technical advantages in small speaker systems. Both high and mid frequencies could be faithfully reproduced with superior transient response and dispersion characteristics, and the convenient, more flexible placement of small enclosures within the listening area could create an ideal sound stage. Unfortunately, reproducing the life-like, full body of the lower frequencies could not be achieved in a truly compact enclosure.

Polk's RM 3000 replaces the traditional pair of speakers with three elements, two compact midrange/tweeter satellites and one low frequency subwoofer system. This configuration makes it easy to properly and inconspicuously place the system within your listening room while offering superior sonic performance.

The small satellites can be located on shelves, mounted on a wall or placed on their own floor stands. They are very attractive and yet small enough to be hidden from view if desired.

The RM 3000 subwoofer is also small enough to sit behind your furniture and can be used on its side to fit into tight spaces. And since it is beautifully finished, it can be used as a piece of furniture.

The Legendary Sound of Polk

In the tradition of Polk Audio, Matthew Polk and his team of engineers were determined to make the RM 3000 sound better than any other speaker of its type.

Initial reactions have been filled with superlatives including Julian Hirsch of "Stereo Review" magazine who says, "...they sound excellent...spectral balance was excellent - smooth and seamless."

Behind these accolades is an impressive technical story.

The Technical Side

The big sound of the RM 3000 is due, in part, to the unique arrangement of the tweeter and midrange elements. This "time aligned system" delivers the high and mid frequencies at precisely the same instant. The result is a clear, lifelike and expansive presentation.

The cabinet materials selected for the satellites are over four times as dense as typical enclosures. The black matrix finish is a non-resonant polymer aggregate (FOUNTAINHEAD). The gloss black piano and paintable white finishes are rigid ABS surrounding a mineral filled polypropylene inner cabinet. Polk engineers have all but eliminated any "singing" or resonating of the satellite enclosure. You hear the effortless, free sound of a much larger system.

Most subwoofer systems look alike on the outside, but the Polk is worlds apart on the inside. Utilizing twin 6.5" drivers coupled to a 10 inch sub-bass radiator, the bass is tight and well defined. There is no tuned port to create "whistling" or "boominess" of the bass frequencies.

You Have To Hear It To Believe It

You really won'te believe how good the RM3000 sounds until you hear it. We invite you to your nearest authorized Polk dealer for a demonstration. You'll hear sound as big as life...from a speaker you can live with.

You'll hear the next generation of loudspeakers.

Driver Complement

Diameter3/4" (1.91cm) 
Diameter3 1/2" (8.89cm) 
Diameter6 1/2" (16.51cm) 
Typewith 10" bass radiator 


Total Frequency Response25Hz - 20.5kHz 
Lower -3dB Limit42  Hz
Upper -3dB Limit18 kHz
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power10 - 125 watts per channel
Inputs5 way binding posts 
Efficiency88 dB


Enclosure Typesealed 
Height7" (17.78cm) 
Width4 3/8" (11.11cm) 
Depth5 1/2" (13.97cm) 
Enclosure Typeported with bass radiator 
Height12 1/2" (31.75cm) 
Width20 1/4" (51.44cm) 
Depth13" (33.02cm) 


Mounting Optionswall mount with accessory bracket 

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