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Three identical video shielded satellites teamed with a non-powered subwoofer. Wall mount hardware is included.

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Big speaker sound without the big speaker.

Multi-piece speaker systems offer the possibility of high performance and virtual invisibility; however, many systems of this type compromise the performance of their satellites to achieve small size. The result is a sound that lacks smooth midrange performance - vocals lack warmth and body and the stereo image is poor. Speakers whose designs compromise the midrange performance may at first impress you with bright highs and loud, boomy bass, but they do not provide superb performance that satisfies over the long haul. Polk designed the RM Series to provide high performance in a system that can be integrated easily into your home without sonic or comestic compromises.

Satellite subwoofer speaker systems take advantage of the fact that our ears cannot pinpoint the direction of low frequencies. When properly designed to produce only the bass frequencies, separate subwoofers can fool the ear into believing that all the sound comes from the small satellite speakers. However, many systems are poorly designed and their subwoofers produce midrange frequencies in addition to the bass. This unfortunately can make it easy to identify the subwoofer's location and give the speaker system a very unsatisfying disjointed sound. Designs where a straight tube (port) or woofer cone radiates directly into the room will likely produce these undesirable effects. Polk has engineered our systems specifically to insure that the seamless illusion of one high performance system is preserved.

In the case of our unamplified subwoofer, two internal 6 1/2" drive units move the air inside the sealed cabinet which in turn moves a 10" bass radiator (a woofer cone without magnet and voice coil). All of the bass energy is transmitted into the room while unwanted midrange frequencies and distortion are trapped in the enclosure.

In the case of our amplified subwoofer, a different, but equally effective technology is used to filter out midrange sounds. It is called "Powerport" and is described in greater detail later on this page.

In both cases the result is deep clean tight bass with seamless blending to the satellite speakers.

Inspired by the need to deliver more powerful bass performance demanded by the new digital movie soundtracks, Polk Audio's engineers have developed new technologies for powered subwoofers. "High Velocity Compression Drive" technology coupled with the new "Power Port" allows Polk Audio to create extremely powerful subwoofers in amazingly small enclosures.

High Velocity Compression Drive uses high mass subwoofer drivers with extremely powerful magnet systems to extend the range of the subwoofers while reducing their size.

Power Port is a highly sophisticated aerodynamic system which provides the acoustic benefits of an otherwise impractical 12" by 36" straight port in a remarkably compact system. While effectively trapping unwanted midrange frequencies, Power Port also provides thunderous clean bass in enclosures 30% smaller than competing designs. It's easy to use, easy to hide. In fact the RM series powered sub even fits into entertainment furniture.

As sound moves from speaker to speaker, it is important that its character should not change. An F4 fighter jet should not sound like a Poper Cub as it passes through the center speaker. It should convey the same power and thrill as it streaks across your room.

Mis-matched speakers cannot do this. All RM Series satellites and center speakers use identical drivers and tweeters to insure a perfect, seamless soundstage for the maximum realism and fun.

Of course all RM satellites are video shielded so that they may be placed adjacent to your TV without fear of color distortion or damage.

Driver Complement

Diameter1/2" (1.27cm) 
Diameter3 1/2" (8.89cm) 
Diameter6 1/2" (16.51cm) 
Typewith one 10 inch bass radiator 


Total Frequency Response22Hz - 22kHz  
Lower -3dB Limit40  Hz
Upper -3dB Limit18  kHz
Nominal Impedance8 ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power20 - 125 watts per channel
Efficiency89 dB


Height7" (17.78cm) 
Width4 3/8" (11.11cm) 
Depth5 1/2" (13.97cm) 


Mounting OptionsWall mount hardware is included 

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