Blackstone TL

If you’ve been searching for compact speakers that don’t look, feel and sound like toys, listen to the new Blackstone® TL Series. The new Blackstone TL delivers bigger, bolder, deeper sound, with a wider soundstage and more realistic imaging than you’ve ever heard in a speaker this size. You’ll discover a wide new world of surround-sound excitement in a conveniently sized, beautifully designed speaker you can hold in the palm of your hand.

The Return of Big Speaker Sound Without the Big Speaker

Dynamic audio enhances television, surrounds you with movie excitement, and brings gaming to life. When space is at a premium, but performance is a prerequisite, there’s only one way to add a new dimension of sound to your entertainment. Hear the new Blackstone TL Series of compact home theater speakers from Polk, the originators of professional high-performance compact speaker technology.

Over 20 years ago we introduced compact loudspeakers built to perform like real speakers in home theater systems. The now-legendary RM Series spawned generations of imitators, all seeking to replicate our proprietary designs and heavy-duty, purpose-designed materials. We dedicated ourselves to innovating away the limitations of small-enclosures, and the pro-audio press and customers alike applauded the RM Series for its compact build quality, dynamic sound, ability to blend naturally with a subwoofer, and its accessibility.

Today’s high performance digital media makes tough demands on a compact loudspeaker. So we went back to the drawing board, and, using the same high performance driver and tweeter components found in our award-winning full-size loudspeakers, we’ve completely reengineered the compact speaker concept: Blackstone TL.

Technology & Features

Ring Radiator Tweeter

The ring radiator tweeter has never been used in a compact loudspeaker before! You will hear the kind of incredible accuracy and detail (beyond even 30kHz!) you expect from a full-sized loudspeaker. The ring radiator tweeter is found only in the world’s highest of high-end loudspeakers, including our own award-winning flagship LSi, LCi and new LSiM Series speakers.

Time Lens® Technology

Time Lens technology aligns the acoustic centers of the tweeter and mid-bass driver on the same spatial plane for superior imaging, while an acoustic lens incorporated in the grille smoothes the tweeter’s frequency response. This alignment and grille lens technology creates imaging realism and frequency balance unheard of in small, high performance satellite speakers.

Curved Enclosure Design

Employs non-parallel surfaces that not only lead to a stronger, more rigid and acoustically inert enclosure, but they also result in less audible coloration from internal surface resonances. We’ve literally designed-out the usual limitations of small-enclosures. It’s a new category of compact loudspeaker: the kind that sounds amazing. (And looks great doing it.)

Extended Linear Motion Motor Structure

The moving parts of the drivers used in the Blackstone TL Series can move farther, more smoothly, in a smaller space than any other speaker driver in an enclosure this size. Extended motion achieves the kind of dynamic response you’d expect from much larger speakers. In other words, Blackstone TL Series speakers play loud and clear, effortlessly. Extended Linear Motion voice coils (EXL) make BL (the motor force applied to the cone) consistant in both directions of travel in order to reduce distortion. EXL achieves this by modifying gap geometry to use a short coil but still have a large range in which BL is consistent. EXL uses a tall gap and places a cut half-way between, which splits the gap effectively into two gaps. The short coil sits vertically at the center of this cut, and the ends of the coil are in the middle of the two gaps. You will not be tested on this information. Relax, and turn it up. 


Adding an actual PowerPort to a compact loudspeaker is like bringing the big bass drum to the party. It allows the little performer to achieve lower-frequencies, for better blending with your subwoofer, than ever before. PowerPort bass venting decreases air turbulence at the bass port, and virtually eliminates "port noise." It can add a massive 3dB boost to bass response. With this much wider dynamic range, Blackstone TL3, with PowerPort venting, blends naturally with your subwoofer, and delivers more realistic bass impact in your home theater.

Aerated Polypropylene Cone Material

Developed using our patented Dynamic Balance® process and specially designed for a compact speaker, the Blackstone aerated polypropylene cone is based on the innovative cone technology used in our flagship loudspeakers. It’s lightweight, but stiffer and stronger, with longer linear excursion capabilities in a limited compact enclosure space, so it plays louder with less distortion. Its increased efficiency is the key to big speaker sound!

Hi-Gloss “Blackstone” Finish

A durable, deep automotive-strength finish that matches today’s most stylish flat-panel TVs and the decor they live in: yours.

Multiple Mounting Options

Compact means go-anywhere for Blackstone TL: on shelves, on the wall, on stands. Built-in keyhole slots and threaded inserts (that fit virtually any brackets) give you multiple mounting options.

5-Way Gold-Plated Binding Posts

5-way gold-plated binding posts are well-placed on the versatile enclosure for easy, secure connections with bare wire, spade lugs, banana plugs or pins, no matter where you install them.

Easy System Building

All models in the Blackstone TL Series are available in convenient, professionally matched 5-packs for instant home theater solutions in any room. There are two complete systems available that include a subwoofer; everything you need for an explosive, compact, easy-to-connect home theater system. Plus, you can use individually-available satellites to expand your systems to accommodate 6.1, 7.1 and beyond.