The incredible, category-defining F/X® wireless surround speaker has arrived. Now one compact loudspeaker placed unobtrusively behind your seating creates a completely enveloping, realistic surround-sound performance. Gone are the traditional Surround speakers, the wire and the installation hassles. The F/X wireless surround speaker incorporates exclusive new technologies, like Controlled Dispersion Array technology (to accurately simulate multiple channels from one source) and Polk Digital Logic® (to automatically optimize the sound design for your room setup), with the classic warmth and realism of the Polk Audio sound.

Surround Yourself with Sound Not Wires

Boost the surround-effect of your single-speaker surround-sound system, or just lose the clutter and installation hassle of two or more rear surround speakers attached to your walls, with their wires trailing across your floors. You’ll never miss the exciting performance of real surround-sound. The F/X wireless surround is a completely self-contained surround-channel sound system featuring four 2 1/2-inch full-range drivers & a 5 1/4-inch woofer, powered by a compact 120 Watt multichannel DSP amplifier. Set in a unique array to project realistic surround effects throughout your room, the F/X wireless surround speaker is all you really need now.

Technology & Features

Wireless 2.4GHz Transmitter

Plug-and-Play: Simply connect the compact transmitter to the rear-channel outputs of your processor. (High performance RCA connectors and speaker wire sets are included for your choice of easy transmitter-to-receiver connections.) The state-of-the-art 2.4GHz transmitter talks to the speaker’s onboard receiver, for instant, lossless signal response. No room-spanning wires!

Controlled Dispersion Array (CDA) Technology 

Convincingly discrete rear-channel response thanks to Polk’s patented Controlled Dispersion Array (CDA) technology. CDA technology delivers realistic left, right, rear and surround staging for 5.1 (and beyond) systems, in any room environment and with virtually any placement.

Unique cabinet design and directed speaker array enhances the surround-sound effect. Plus, complex audio algorithms direct the drivers to work “out of phase,” creating a more spacious, enveloping surround effects experience.

Ported, for unexpectedly big couch-rocking bass response.

Customizable Room Settings

Customizable settings for easy optimization with Polk Digital Logic, a 3-position DSP controller. Set it for your placement needs (floor, sofaback table or shelf mounts) and it automatically delivers perfect imaging and sound.

F/X Wireless Models