Heritage Collection

Great Sound is in Our Heritage

Look around at the puddle-deep culture, toss-away design and built-in obsolescence. Not for you; this ephemeral, fleeting, will-o-the-wisp.

You want something more; something resilient, meaningful.

Polk is designing and engineering audio entertainment products that are authentically crafted to reveal a deeper meaning; to communicate the enduring magic of your music, movies and gaming experiences.

This new paradigm of high performance design, The Heritage Collection, uses the materials you feel good about, metal and leather, wood grains and natural finishes, in new ways, combined with new technologies. The result is a series of exclusive products that mix the classic and the new, the groundbreaking and the tried-and-true.

Through it all we have remained dedicated to our original mission, to design high performance audio products that are available to everyone. We share the love you have for your entertainment, and we want you to enjoy it in your own way, in your own style, at the absolute peak of performance.

The Heritage Collection is tailored to your life today, singular and connected.

This is for you.

Technology & Features

Polk's Heritage Series is a new line of personal and portable audio products for anyone for whom style matters as much as high quality sound. The Series includes wireless Bluetooth Loudspeakers as well as headphones whose designs, color palette and finishes reflect contemporary tastes. As with all Polk products, you'll find technology and features that make our Heritage Series a real standout. 

Heritage Headphones

POET Driver Design Process

Polk’s new Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning process (POET) is employed to create an overall performance balance and dynamics for a richer, more immersive listening experience. It was developed to meet the performance goals of headphones in our Heritage Series.

Headphone cables that won't get in your way

The cable has a unique 90-degree connector, which is gold-plated.
It won’t oxidize, so you always hear crisp, clean sound. The connector
is precision-machined to seat deeper into your source connection.
Place your iPhone® in landscape mode, and the connector will
not get in the way of your hand.

In-line and in-headband controls

In-line 3-button control and built-in microphone is contoured to your finger
for intuitive audio and phone control on the Nue Voe and Nue Era. On the Buckle and Hinge, the controls and microphone are built into the headband and feature a control wheel.

Ergonomically designed headband and pivoting ear cups ensure
Heritage headphones conform to the shape of your head for a comfortable,
secure fi t. Lightweight, yet rugged aluminum components make them easy to travel with. Passive Isolation technology includes plush over-ear pads that cradle your ears as they
naturally minimize outside noise.

Superior materials, including durable, stitched leatherette over a generously padded headband top and bottom, and virtually maintenance-free ear pads for years
of extraordinary performance.

Camden Square Bluetooth Loudspeaker

 DJ stream—the Polk app.

DJ Stream is Polk’s app, created just for Camden Square. With the app enjoying music is more interactive and more enjoyable. With the app, anyone can get the party going
as the DJ Host. Three more phones can connect and play music too, as Active DJs. The four connected DJ’s select musice from their own libraries, either online or those
already resident to their phone. Those four Connected phones take turns adding to the playlist application, and up to 128 Guest DJ’s can view the list, vote on music and
become an Active DJ when –a DJ drops off or disconnects.

Passive radiator acoustic design—A pair of optimally-sized rectangular 2" x 3" mass-loaded passive bass radiators, installed on opposing faces of the enclosure, provide extended bass weight and impact.

Full Complement Bass (FCB)—Below approximately 200 Hz, all drivers reproduce identical summed monophonic (L+R) signal, for optimal bass reproduction with minimal distortion.

Dynamic loudness (optimal performance at all listening levels)—
Digital Signal Processing (DSP), in concert with an optimally designed acoustic system, ensure a pleasing balance of bass, midrange and high frequencies for late night listening or background music. Yet, when played to its full capabilities, Camden Square creates a dynamic, satisfying audio experience characterized by its clarity, pleasingly warm tonal balance and bass punch.

Woodbourne Wireless Speaker System

The Woodbourne™ is more than a wireless loudspeaker offering both
Airplay® and Bluetooth® wireless technology with aptX® connectivity.
It can, in fact, do the heavy lifting of a primary speaker system,
not only for your music but also for all your TV viewing.

acoustic suspension tuning
The Woodbourne is a speaker system designed for a speci c application: a small form factor, offering easy integration into a decor while delivering extraordinary room- lling performance. To achieve those design goals, an acoustic suspension system offered the most extended, tightest and most musical bass for the enclosure size. The very long excursion of the mid-woofers, driven by the high power ampli ers, would have required
a very large port for equivalent bass extension. This was not feasible given theWoodbourne’s enclosure size and proportions.

midwoofer/high frequency drivers
We started this project with high performance expectations, which meant seriously tweaking the drivers to realize the bookshelf performance we wanted to achieve. That meant high cone excursion rates and that meant Klipple optimized large signal parameters to ensure lower distortion during those high excursions. We used Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to design the motor structure for optimal matching of the magnet, voice coil, gap and pole piece. Left and right 5 1/4" mineral filled mid-woofers with rubber surrounds and 1" voice coil. These drivers, specically designed for the Woodbourne by Polk, exceed 17 mm linear throw capability. Left and right 1" silk dome tweeters with ferro  fluid cooled voice coils.

Dolby Digital decoding
Dolby Digital 5.1 sources connected to the optical input are decoded & processed for 2.0 re-production.

full complement bass (FCB)
Below 90 Hz, the mid-woofers reproduce an identical summed monophonic (L & R) signal. This ensures optimal bass reproduction with minimal distortion. Without FCB, non-phase coherent program material would give rise to uncontrolled diaphragm motion.

dual IR sensors
In order to ensure a wide communication range for the Woodbourne’s remote control, we’ve included two IR sensors on either end of the cabinet behind the grille.