Today’s reborn Monitor Series loudspeakers are modern living accessories that make a stylish statement about your love of great audio. In beautiful, furniture-grade finishes with outstanding titanium accents, the Monitor Series delivers the classic Polk sound, spacious and musical, in any room at a great price. Build or expand your music or home theater system with the speaker that made Polk famous: Monitor Series.

Incredible Sound Affordable Price

The name Monitor is special to Polk. It was the original Monitor Series, produced in the mid-1970s, that helped usher in the modern loudspeaker era. It set the standard for performance and value, the embodiment of the Polk mission. This original Monitor is the speaker that put Polk on the map, and made Polk famous for its simple, sturdy construction; clear, accurate sound; powerful low end response, and superior imaging capabilities, all at a price that made great sound available to practically everyone.

The newly reborn Monitor Series seen here is classic Polk: quality built, affordable, high performance loudspeakers for music or home theater applications. What’s updated? Materials, technology and style. They are highly efficient, so they can be driven easily with today’s modest, unpretentious receivers and processors. They are timbre-matched within the series, and to other Polk loudspeakers, so you can easily build or expand a music or home theater system with them. The new look, wood grain finishes and titanium faces, complements today’s flat panel TVs and electronics.

Built for speed, sound quality and overall value, the new Monitor Series is a great introduction to high performance audio.

Technology & Features

High Efficiency Design

The high-efficiency design of the Monitor Series delivers the classic spacious and clear Polk  sound even when driven by modestly-powered amplifiers and receivers.

Dynamic Balance® Tweeters

Fabric/Polymer composite Dynamic Balance dome tweeters with powerful neodymium magnet structures deliver clear high frequency response for the most realistic reproduction of vocal, instrumental and imaging details.

Dynamic Balance Drivers

Bi-laminate composite Dynamic Balance drivers are lightweight and stiff with good damping for high efficiency, and lower distortion for excellent bass and midrange clarity.

Specialized Driver Array

The small-diameter driver array design delivers wide dispersion, better mid-range response, and more musical bass response for a truly “boxless” 3-dimensional sound.

Flared Bass Port

Critically tuned flared bass ports minimize port noise (“chuffing”) for excellent low frequency extension with low distortion, and more natural, full-bodied bass impact.

All-MDF Construction

Braced, non-resonant all-MDF enclosure construction, with 3/4-inch baffles, ensures more efficient, more lifelike sound quality.

High Quality Crossovers

Crossovers with Mylar bypass capacitors for more detailed high frequencie response.

5-Way Binding Posts

Professional quality dual 5-way binding post connectors for more secure hook-up options, as well as bi-wiring and bi-amping flexibility.

Choice of Finishes

Stylish black or cherry wood grain finish, with titanium faces.

Built-in Mounting Brackets

Built-in keyhole wall mounting brackets for strong, secure on-wall mounting.