Performance Enclosures

Here's what most manufacturers of built-in loudspeakers won't tell you: installing speakers inside your walls or ceilings introduces a host of performance limitations. From basic problems of easy wiring access to more complex issues like audio “print through,” where built-in speakers radiate sound through the non-speaker side of the wall or floor and disturb people in the next room, built-in speakers come with their own unique set of performance demands. Beat those challenges, and achieve superior sound from your “invisible” audio installation, by fitting a custom performance enclosure between the studs or joists of your new-build construction or back-to-the-stud renovation. Polk Audio makes great sound easy, with drop-in installation and huge performance benefits. Nothing makes built-in speakers sound more like traditional loudspeakers than when you give them a more traditional enclosure to play in!

Easy Installation, Perfect Volume & Optimized Sound

Polk Audio custom-designed performance enclosures slip easily between the studs in your walls (or between joists in ceilings and floors) and give your built-in loudspeakers the perfect space to sound their best, virtually eliminating the limitations of most built-in speaker installations. Easy wiring access, zero audio “print through” (the tendency for built-in speakers to radiate sound through the non-speaker side of the wall or floor and disturb people in the next room), and perfect volume enclosures for optimized sound.

Technology & Features

Polk performance enclosures are made specifically for new-construction projects or large scale (“back to the studs”) renovations. They give you the option of designing-in an enclosure within your walls that provides perfectly-tuned volume, professional damping qualities, and completely vibration-free performance even at extreme volume levels. Drywall them up, drop in your built-in speakers, paint the grilles to match your decor, and you will experience the closest thing to traditional speaker performance you can imagine, from speakers you won't even see.

  • Constructed of high-density MDF, braced for rigidity, and damped with professional-quality, fire-rated poly fill material.
  • Fits easily between normal wall studs or ceiling/floor joists. Adjustable.
  • Rigidly reinforced for vibration-free efficiency.
  • Hides a perfect-volume, professionally damped enclosure right inside your walls, for the ultimate in stealth audio performance.
  • Performance enclosures guarantee the most consistent, most dynamic, full-spectrum high performance sound, with better low frequency extension and reduced audio “print through” (sound through walls).

Performance Enclosures Models