Before you buy lightweight, poorly made toy speakers, you owe it to your ears to experience the R/T/M Series of loudspeakers by Polk Audio. Quality built, in tower, bookshelf, center and surround styles, the R/T/M Series is made up of speakers featuring high technology at a surprisingly affordable price. So you can have your audio cake and eat it, too, and end up with high quality loudspeakers you can be proud of.

A Great Value in Great Sound

I want great sound in a quality product at a reasonable price, and I don’t want to invest too much thought or money in it. Does that sound like you? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Polk’s primary mission is and always has been to make high performance audio products at reasonable prices. The great thing about it is that even our "entry-level" products, like these durable, high quality R/T/M Series models, stand heads and shoulders above the industry norm for "beginners." You can look like a pro, and sound like a pro, without having to learn all that complicated math and physics that the pros feel they need. (They’re just showing off.)

R/T/M Series models all feature high quality materials, high performance components, professional engineering and audiophile design elements, at a surprisingly reasonable price. So R/T/M Series models are the perfect loudspeakers for building "starter" systems, for dorm room, small room or multi-room audio applications. Easy to choose, easy to set up, easy to enjoy (and easy on your wallet).

Technology & Features

 High Quality Cabinet Construction

Most other speakers in this price range are made of particle board. It’s flimsy, unstable, and doesn’t reproduce quality sound. R/T/M Series models are all constructed of extensively braced, heavy duty MDF. Quality construction eliminates internal resonances and energy-stealing vibrations, for more efficient operation.

Dynamic Balance® Design Technology

Dynamic Balance is our patented advanced analysis of a speaker’s entire electro-acoustic and mechanical system. It helps us select better materials and more efficient geometry. With deep analysis, we can pinpoint and eliminate things that reduce performance before they become a part of the finished product. The silk and polymer composite driver materials in the speakers of the R/T/M Series are specially tuned to produce a flat, uncolored frequency response. This true transparency reveals a wide dynamic range, with sharp details, and no hint of strain.

Silk Dome Tweeters

Silk dome tweeters deliver clear and detailed highs, without fatigue, even at high volume. Compact, powerful neodymium magnet structures are the same components used in high end loudspeakers.

Polymer Composite Cones

Durable, efficient, and tuned with our Dynamic Balance process, our polymer composite cone material produces smooth, natural sound.

Efficient Bass Porting

R/T/M Series models all feature professionally designed, speaker-specific bass porting, for highly efficient deep bass response that adds thrilling realism to your sound.

Anti-Diffraction Grille Design

An "open architecture" design, and acoustically inert speaker grille, never gets in the way of your sound.

High Efficiency Power Handling

Speakers in the R/T/M Series speakers are designed to be driven well by even the most modestly-powered amplifer or receiver. So you don’t have to be a techie, a power hog, or an audio pro to achieve great sound that’s spacious and clear, warm and realistic.

Timbre-Matched Versatility

The speakers in the R/T/M Series are timbre-matched to other Polk loudspeakers, so you can mix-and-match them to build or add to existing systems, and always experience seamless, realistic blending between speakers.

5-Way Binding Post Connectors

Metal 5-way professional binding post connectors give you maximum signal transfer and the most secure connections.

Magnetically Shielded

All models of the R/T/M Series are engineered to be safe when placed near sensitive AV equipment like monitors or TVs.

Adjustable Footing

Floorstanding R/T/M Series models feature interchangable non-skid leveling feet or carpet spikes, for stability on any type of floor. More stability equals more efficiency, less energy wasted, and better performance.