The RTS100 in-ceiling loudspeaker is the first in-ceiling speaker to ever be awarded THX Ultra-2 certification. The four RTS Series speakers, together or apart, are perfect for every sound application that demands the highest performance; applications that used to be the exclusive domain of high-end freestanding loudspeakers. This is because RTS loudspeakers are precisely tuned to their enclosure shape and volume (just as a superior floorstanding speaker is tuned to its enclosure). By designing the variables out of the equation, you’re left with only the best: consistently outstanding performance, no matter where you install the RTS Series.

Unmatched Performance for Showcase Home Theaters

RTS Series built-in loudspeakers are designed and engineered to conquer the usual built-in variables like placement location and wall construction. This is a loudspeaker that delivers consistently superior performance no matter where it’s installed. Today’s sweetest home theater and music installs, in today’s highest-end homes, rely on RTS Series speakers to complete their clean, high-tech designs with professional-quality sound.

With the RTS Series, it’s easier than ever before to achieve the sound you demand—full and dynamic, realistic and deep; all the rich elements delivered by the best freestanding loudspeakers—using built-in speakers that disappear into your decor.

RTS loudspeakers are perfect for a home theater that delivers impact and realism; deep, rich, atmospheric music in one room or in your whole house, and even gaming; virtually invisible RTS loudspeakers put you in the center of the action.

Plan your custom RTS installations to include CSW built-in subwoofer systems and experience the full range of dynamic sound possibilities without ever laying eyes on a speaker box. Or, use RTS Series in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers to compliment and enhance your existing LSi Series set-up, providing surround sound or extended surround sound environments for unbeatable music or home theater installations.

Polk has raised the bar for in-wall loudspeaker performance, and made this high performance speaker the go-to solution for today’s best installs.

The RTS100 in-ceiling loudspeaker is the first in-ceiling speaker to ever be awarded THX Ultra-2 certification.

Technology & Features

“Just Drop It In” Features

The exclusive integrated performance enclosure design ensures "perfect volume" performance in an enclosure that is the same size as the wall cut-out you’ll make, so installing them in existing walls is just as easy as naked stud installations in new-build situations. The Stud-Lock mounting system (included with RTS105, RTS100, RTSF/X models) creates a rigid platform and snug fit that cuts performance-robbing resonances and structural vibrations to increase dynamic range, clarity and ultimate sound quality. And yes, we did just say naked stud.

THX Ultra2-Certified

The RTS100 in-ceiling loudspeaker is the first in-ceiling speaker to ever be awarded THX Ultra-2 certification! As with every THX-certified product, this high performance level assures you the superior sound performance and exceptional dynamic range that will make your home theater the envy of the neighborhood.

LSi-Level Loudspeaker Technology

The very same award-winning, audiophile-impressing driver and tweeter technologies found in Polk’s top-of-the-line LSi Series has been engineered into the RTS Series, so you can mix-and-match, building whole systems or combining elements from both speaker series.

Aerated Polypropylene Dynamic Balance® Cones

Aerated polypropylene is stiff and yet surprisingly lightweight (20% lighter than conventional polypropylene and 35% lighter than aluminum cones), these highly efficient cones (the same cones used in our top-of-the-line LSi Series speakers) reveal spectacular midrange clarity and punchy bass. Our Dynamic Balance tuning process eliminates performance-robbing resonances in the cone material in the planning stages, so bad sounds never make it to the finished product. Dual driver designs (in all RTS models except the LCi-RTSF/X) more efficiently deliver superb mid-range clarity and punchy bass.

Ring Radiator Tweeters

The ultra-high performance ring radiator tweeter is found on ultra-high end, luxury-priced speakers, and rarely in built-in speakers... except for Polk built-in speakers. We have three lines of built-in speakers that feature the incredible ring radiator tweeter, Vanishing, LCi and RTS Series. In the RTS Series, specially designed faceplate geometry refines its already stellar off-axis characteristics. With the ring radiator tweeter, you’ll enjoy precise accuracy, meticulous detail and extended, low distortion high-frequency response.

Acoustically Transparent Grilles

Two acoustically engineered speaker grilles are included. Choose the paintable aluminum-mesh grille, specially designed to deliver one of the most realistic on- and off-axis performances ever, with 75% open space in the mesh. Select the acoustically transparent cloth grille to experience full-on THX Ultra2-level performance. Both grilles blend perfectly with your decor.

Exclusive Advanced Built-in Technologies

Enclosure stiffening technology reduces distortion and eliminates wasted energy for louder, cleaner performance than any other in-wall speakers. Specially engineered crossover networks feature more sophisticated notch filters (instead of mere resistors). The wall distance toggle feature allows easy space-specific customization, while tweeter control toggles reduce the "glare" of reflective rooms. Perfect sound in any room environment, including yours.

More Efficient at Any Volume

Solid, resonance-free construction features, including molded composite baskets and a secure pole plate (which physically joins the speaker’s motor structure to the enclosure) ensure zero-vibration performance. With no wasted energy, RTS Series delivers a much more efficient performance, even at tremendous volume levels.

RTS Models